Friday, June 8, 2012

Angel E3 2012 Foot-age (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

The beautiful Angel is surely going to be a foot-fan fave in Tekken Tag 2.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is certainly shaping up to be a game for footfans, even if Barefoot Customization seems a no-show as yet. Still, with characters who are barefoot by default, it's still something we should look forward to... especially if the digital bare toes and soles on offer are as heavenly as that of Angel, the mysterious winged female fighter who first appeared in Tekken 2. Well, nicely enough it seems that for this E3 the spotlight was squarely on her (and Kunimitsu) in terms of the console characters used and seen most often in the TTT2 videos. So for our convenience and enjoyment, here are the videos featuring this flying barefoot babe, gathered into one post.

     The E3 Stage Demo features 15 minute of nice, crisp video of Angel (and Kuni) going through the game's Arcade Mode.

Some more Tag-Team action with Angel and Kunimitsu in this vid.

IGN's Stage Demo for TTT2 features nice, clear video... which is kinda spoiled by the fact that Angel's feet are often covered by an annoyingly badly-placed inset video...

Level Up Your Game's coverage of TTT2 features TONS of footage (heheh), albeit in Cam quality (Still HD).

 Darn, I can't wait to take Angel out for a spin when Tekken Tag 2 arrives in September... I wonder if she likes foot massages?

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  1. Gotta love those flared pants, they are just made to be worn with bare feet.

    Dream match-up? Angel+barefoot Lili vs. Christie and barefoot Asuka. Followed by... eh, I better shut up before I say something I later regret ;)