Friday, June 1, 2012

Getting Ready for VF5 Final Showdown!

Barefoot and bikini-clad virtual femme fatale Aoi Umenokoji.

My, oh, my. I have always believed in the saying, 'Everything comes to he who waits,' and lo- that has proven true indeed. For the past several years, I (and quite a few fellow foot-loving gamers out there, surely) have been dreaming of one particular title to come to our grimy hands. That title is, of course, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. The latest and BEST upgrade to the original VF5 (which came out in 2006!), VF5FS greatly improves the base game in so many ways- significantly changing every fighters' move lists with sexy new moves and animations (such as several sexy new KOs), adding two brutal new challengers into the roster, improving the camera, adding dynamic new stages and so on... but of course, the best addition in VF5FS is... Barefoot Bikini Babes.

Well, actually Barefoot Customization for every babe (actually every fighter including males) already arrived in a previous upgrade, VF5R... but it is only in FS that Bikinis were added, as part of the new 'S' class of outfits (basically a bare essentials look which allows for players to mix and match any element from all the other outfits together). Thus Final Showdown brings together the best and sexiest combo- bare feet and bikinis, and in the highest quality in a mainstream beat 'em up. DOA hasn't given us this since the PSX version (Team Ninja can go jump in a lake); Tekken apparently has a 'No Bikini' law being enforced by their producer (What IS it with him?) and Soul Calibur... well, sadly their character models' feet just aren't as well-rendered as I want them to be.

Long Story Short- our dream is FINALLY about to come true, with the best and hottest fighting game out there arriving on consoles (PS3 and Xbox360) in just a few days! All you require is a console and a good internet connection, since VF5FS is a DLC game- digital download ONLY. This is actually great since it means you can play it on your console without running a disc in the drive- always better for the longevity of your machine. Even better, the game only costs $14.99 (or 1200 Microsoft Points) on PSN, with the Customization DLC (All outfits for all characters are grouped into 2 bundles of $14.99 each). All in all, the whole package is just shy of $45... what a STEAL considering the thousands of customizations in the package and endless hours of awesome, peerless (barefoot) fighting action and KOs to be enjoyed.

I am excited as can be- I'm planning to use the lovely Aiki-Jutsu mistress, Aoi Umenokoji, first. She was the first barefoot babe in VF (since she was the only girl with barefoot customization in Vanilla VF5), and as such is a sentimental favorite (plus she was the one I always used of course, so I should be at least a bit competent with her). As you can see, she ditches the hakamas and kimonos in her new 'S' bikini, albeit with a sarong- though that flimsy bit of cloth doesn't really conceal as much as it just teases. Heheh. It will be awesome to play with Aoi again and have her stomp her soft and lethal soles into her opponent's faces... or to see her unconscious sleepy soles in defeat. Whatever happens, we really can't lose! I'll surely be posting TONS of VF5FS vids- both matches and KO vids- at the Youtube Channel as well as here, so stay tuned.
Have to say, the past few months- having fun with PC mods and now back to console- really make me so happy I'm a foot-loving gamer in this day and age. Best time ever. Heheh. Later then!

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  1. I'm only Getting this for the Barefoot Cosplay. That is IF I get a PS3.