Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chun-Li SSF2T Dress Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Chun-Li is dressed to party in Streetfighter X Tekken!

With me all in a tizzy right now with VF5FS released, you'd think I wouldn't have time for any other fighter... but heck, how can I ignore another sexy barefoot mod from the mod maestro Sloth86?

Lately the Sloth has been doing mods for the cross-over brawler Streetfighter X Tekken (PC), which is awesome. The first, of course, was a conversion of his 'Escape from Shadaloo' Cammy mod from SSFIVAE. The second was his Poison Revealed mod, which had the Mad Gears Moll in just a bikini and bare feet. Unfortunately, this only sounds good on paper- I refuse to use this mod given that Sloth, being the stickler for canon and lore that he is, added in a little 'package' in Poison's panties... yep, well, we know what Poison is after all- basically a TRAP, so that character really isn't really a babe, and his/her feet look flat and ugly so I don't really care that much for the mod.

Thankfully, Sloth's third SFxTekken mod is back to real (as real as virtual can be) babes, as he produces what may be an original mod for the game (not a port from SSFIVAE). It's a mod for the lovely Interpol beauty, Chun-Li, titled the SSF2T Ending Costume mod.

Chun-Li's Super Streetfighter 2 Turbo Ending Scene.

As the title says, the dress comes from that venerable chapter in the World Warrior saga, a happy party number worn by the usually serious, dressed-for-business supercop at the end of her adventures. It certainly is very different from Chun's usual look, and having her hair down is a definite thumbs up. Unfortunately, Sloth's mod actually has her wearing sandals, so I've taken the liberty of removing them using Peachmontee's SF4 Explorer. I've also removed part of the original mod's skirt, but it still left a short bit- in the end it kinda looks like an exotic dancer costume, kinda like what you'd expect a character like Zafina from Tekken would wear, so it's fine. Heheh...

In any case, it's a pretty sexy outfit, given to some nice upskirt ops whenever Chunners does a high kick (which is pretty much ALL THE TIME). Her feet though look quite tough-looking rather than dainty though, but for Chun that's kinda expected. In any case, I'm sure her fans will like it- I certainly do. Chun looks so cute and sweet. Anyway, I've posted a couple of videos with Chun in her new dress for you guys to enjoy (along with barefoot Cammy as a bonus). Man, can you imagine Chun walking around in this dress, barefoot? Man, I'd follow her all over the place, she'd probably kick me in the face. Mmm... Chun-Li's foot in my face... nice. Ahem... enjoy the vids!

Chun-Li and Cammy's Arcade Mode Rival Battle (with new mod installed).

Chun and Cam's party on with Arcade Mode's final boss, Ogre.

And this is just the beginning! Another, even HOTTER Sloth mod will be shown off next, so stay tuned! Man, I LOVE mods and PC gaming!!! Heheh...

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  1. Wow chun li looks gorgeous in this mod great work!