Thursday, June 28, 2012

DOA5 Bikinis: Team Ninja Blows It (Dead or Alive 5)

DOAU all over again... and not in a good way.

For the past couple of weeks, Dead or Alive 5 has been very promising for us barefoot fans. Contrary to what was originally perceived as a game that would be cutting down on the series' legacy of fan service, DOA5 has recently been announced to feature sexy swimsuits for its female cast once it arrives this coming September. However, as we see in the screens above, these skimpy outfits come with an unwelcome aspect- footwear. Okay, bikinis with sandals or high heels may do it for many guys out there, but for me, the shoes just ruin the whole affair.

It's really a pity- we can clearly see the character models' feet are nicely rendered and look very yummy... they don't need to be cooped up in those leather cages. Those soles need to kiss the earth!

Now, not all is lost- it IS known that the babes may have several swimsuits, and MAYBE one will have them barefoot. Maybe the shoes can be customized away? Then again, maybe not. Maybe, like before in DOAU, only Hitomi will be barefoot in her bikinis (hopefully) once again. Who knows? We'll just have to wait and see for more media from this fighter. Right now, I'm just disappointed. Well... nothing a session or two with the VF5FS girls won't remedy. Heheh... I'll keep on this like a hawk. It's still a long way till September.


  1. You better get the Collectors edition then. Otherwise you'll need to buy the costumes by sets via DLC

  2. Bikinis and shoes? Laaaaaame....

  3. Aww... they blew it again. They did the same thing to the bikini outfits in Dad or Alive 2 Ultimate on the original Xbox. I agree... bikinis with shoes? Doesn't do it for me... if you're in a bikini, you shouldn't really be wearing footwear :)