Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lollipop Chainsaw: Barefoot Bikini Zombie Slayer!

Juliet in her Striped Bikini- certainly a fearsome sight... for zombies.

Okay, it's been a while since I first posted about Suda 51's campy hack-and-slash, Lollipop Chainsaw. Of course, the game has been on my watchlist thanks to the fact that heroine Juliet Starling, the resident cheerleader and zombie hunter, will be able to swap her default attire for various other duds... among them a couple of very sexy bikinis... which of course have her barefoot. Well, I've gotten the game, tried it out and... well, it's darn awesome.

Of course, this game isn't a revolutionary, groundbreaking title- it's a beat 'em up, plain and simple- you rush around, killing zombies in order to progress the story, taking on stage bosses, progressing by unlocking (buying) new combos that allow Julia to kick zombie ass more flashily. But well, the good part is, the game plays quite well- the action is fast and compelling, the story actually quite interesting and... well, it looks darn HOT. Okay, Juliet is darn HOT. In her bikini and bare feet, in particular.

Hot from the beach (it seems), Juliet heads straight into zombieville, feet first!

Have to say- the lovely heroine sports a pretty detailed and eye-friendly character model, with exceptionally well-rendered and, well, luscious bare toes and soles you'd want to kiss and sniff for hours (well, after you give them a good washing to get the zombie blood and guts off). All this and Julia is of course a vital, limber and fetching young hottie (well, she did just turn 18 at least). All I have to say is... man, that Nick is one lucky guy... and since he's a decapitated head, he's quite in a position to lick or suck on her toes... heheh.

So enjoy these vids showing off Juliet taking on the first two stages of the game (Prologue and High School Stage) in her unlockable Striped Bikini outfit. You DO have to play through the game once to unlock the outfits for buying, and then you should have enough in-game cash to buy the sexy barefoot bikinis after. I can say they're quite worth it... but look at the vids and see for yourselves what a vision a bikini-clad and barefoot Juliet is to see in action.

It's not rocket science- but Lollipop Chainsaw is a silly but funny, and quite sexy and enjoyable zombie romp, with a hot barefoot-able babe to ogle and enjoy for hours... so footfans, check it out!


  1. That's pretty cool. I was thinking of checking that game out. I like when you can customize costumes. I like the idea of them being in a regular outfit, like pants and a jacket, but barefoot. I like it when the outfit is included in the cutscenes, too. Especially if there's foot close ups in them. I remember playing Tomb Raider: Legend and playing it through with her barefoot in her cocktail dress just to see the angles in the cutscenes.

  2. I prefer the Seashell bikini:) But the Deadman Wonderland costume with exposed toes is cute too:)

  3. Olo: Yeah, the Seashell bikini is sweet, but I found too many other vids with it on YT, so I decided to do the Striped bikini for a change. Also, it's the suit that looks normal- wearing it, Juliet looks like she just came in from the beach and wasn't able to change into something else. ^__^

    Rogue Scholar: It's great indeed that most of LC's cutscenes are ingame or rendered in realtime, so when she's wearing her bikini and barefoot, you see it in the scene... really nice.

  4. Too bad you have to beat the game once to unlock costume customization. I'm not big on replays...

  5. It's totally worth to do so, I think, in LC. It's nice to see a cutscene first, then see the bikini-and-barefoot version later. And really, I have to say, they did a FINE job of rendering Julia's feet... they're exceptionally well done, from toes to soles. Well, Juliet is awesome-looking all over, but her feet are gloriously gorgeous as well, which is great for us footfans. Man, this makes me wish the Tomb Raider games looked this good (with barefoot Lara in her swimsuits/wetsuits).