Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Barefoot Hitomi is BACK in DOA5!

Barefoot Hitomi's back in her gi, making footfans all over very happy...

UPDATE: Replaced my previous blurry screencaps with nice, clearer images. FINALLY a great development in the upcoming sequel to DOA. After a long, long wait footfans can look forward to barefoot babe action in Dead or Alive 5. The latest trailer to the game, debuting at this year's E3, reveals (albeit briefly) the lovely Hitomi wearing her Karate Gi and barefoot... as she SHOULD BE. It's been too long since the brown-haired karateka has been in her proper dojo attire- I was afraid for a while that we'd have another crappy DOA4 chapter but this finally makes DOA5 a title I can get behind. You can check out the action below.

  Lots of babes and cinematic battles!

 Now, if only the game gives the other girls barefoot outfits as well... I'm happy with Hitomi already, but hey, the more the merrier! There does seem to be customization in the game- perhaps we'll see shoeless options for the other ladies. In any case Hitomi makes DOA5 a must-get for me this September... perhaps Team Ninja can sweeten the pot and throw in her polka-dot bikini as well? Heheh... I'll be keeping my eye on DOA5 from here on in. More barefoot karateka as we find her!

Nice sole shot here- hopefully the character models' feet in DOA5 have improved since we last saw them.


  1. Better news dude,our friend Sloth86 has created a cool Chun-Li mod for SFxT. Unfortunatly she's in sandles..but i'm sure you can find a way to remove them. Have her and escapefromshadaloo cammy fight it out :D

  2. Hello! Yeah, I've already DL'ed Sloth's 'Chun-LI SSF2T Ending Dress' mod... and yes, using SF4 Explorer I've removed the sandals making my version of Chun barefoot. ^___^ Good thing that her feet are rendered bare and nice without the sandals, even if they're... well, on the tough-looking side. I'll post vids of her and the other SSFIVAE babes again after the first batch of VF5FS videos.

    Sad thing though, that I found an Ibuki mod on DA that has her wearing sandals too, but removing the sandals leave a gap between her knee and shins. I guess not all of them easily leave the body underneath solid. Anyway, hoping for more mods soon! For now though I am quite busy with Final Showdown. Later man! ^___^