Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nina Williams Original Tekken P1 Costume (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Nina's Original P1 Costume never looked this good.

Darn, I am so happy right now. One of my longtime barefoot gamebabe dreams has come true, thanks to the latest mod from Sloth86. It's brought back one of the classic barefoot babes in beat 'em ups- in fact, one of the first, if not the first shoeless femme fatale in modern fighting games- none other than Nina Williams of Tekken.
I'm a bit of a senior gamer, so I remember the first Tekken when it came out on the Playstation One (or PSX). When Tekken came out on the heels of Virtua Fighter, it came with a cast of darker, more edgy characters- including one nasty blonde lady who had a unique knack for using awesome bone-breaking grapples. Oh, and she was barefoot too- Nina was the original barefoot assassin back in the first Tekken, wearing her P1 outfit. It wasn't a T&A costume, but actually a practical outfit for a martial artist specializing in ground techniques- a skintight, sleeveless blue-and-purple bodysuit with capri-length pants that left her lower legs and feet bare (for mobility).

Here's the original Tekken CG intro, which includes Nina in action in her P1 Costume.

Of course, the detail any foot fan would notice right away was the nice bit of red nail polish on her toes (which at the time were only toes in the CG renders- in game they were just red points at the end of blocks). Despite the fact that you'd need quite a bit of imagination to find first-gen character models sexy, I found Nina attractive even then- particularly for her barefooted-ness. She became my favorite fighter, and I looked forward to the next games with my unshod heroine at my side.

Really, Nina doesn't need to bare it all to look amazing (but it can't hurt... heheh).

Sadly Tekken 2 came out with Nina no longer barefoot- she had reverted to the mundane high heels and boots which I really thought was left to someone like her sister, Anna. I had thought that going barefoot was Nina's 'thing', because she was a grappler. Well, if that was ever in her concept, it was gone in succeeding Tekken games. Footfans would not see Nina's bare soles and toes again (at least, ingame) until the coming of the awesome Tekken 6 and it's character customization features allowing us to deboot several of the babes.

Juri never stood a chance. Red nail polish beats purple every time.

Still, Nina's original P1 Outfit in the first Tekken was always a sentimental fave. Through the years I've always wanted to have this costume back. Sadly, it never happened. The Tekken devs never revisited it, and no game with Character Creation or such could recreate the original Barefoot Assassin to my satisfaction- not even Tekken 6. Yeah, it was cool to deboot Nina in her new outfits, or even have her as a Barefoot Nurse of Pain, but it just wasn't the same. And so it was that with great surprise that this little itch of my gaming past has finally been scratched thanks to a Capcom-produced game and an awesomely talented modder.

Really, Sloth's recreation of the outfit is pretty much perfect. It's all there- her proper hairstyle, the choker, the bracelets, the sleeveless blue-and-purple skintight outfit with the capri-length pants, the yellow belt, the ankle brace and... best of all... the red-painted toenails. Perfect. No, not even just perfect- it's actually better. Literally, I realize, Nina in her original P1 NEVER looked as good as she does in Streetfighter X Tekken. My dream of seeing her in this classic outfit in updated graphics has truly been fulfilled, and then some.

Classic Nina shows the youngsters how it's done!

Not even the Shotokan Demon is a match for Nina's sexy feet!

Head to toe, she's stunning- most of all in our most valued part- her darn sexy FEET. Sloth is truly an artist when it comes to rendering bare feet (when he wants to, I guess); Nina's footsies look amazing- the detail in the textures, the skin color and even the darn veins- it all makes them look like real feet. Plus the toes- lovely, kissable digits tipped with red- so sexy. The great thing is, all in all, Nina's purposely big (I love the size, actually) feet don't look dainty or delicate... they look strong and tough. But they STILL look pretty and quite feminine (the red nail polish probably helps a lot). Even up close, extremely up close (as seen in Nina's Rival Cutscene video below), her feet look amazing- truly a work of art!

Best. Closeup. EVER. Even at this distance, Nina's feet look positively good enough to eat.

Streetfighter X Tekken's barefoot babes duke it out!

Darn, that's a lot of gushing. Well, what can I say? I love this mod, it's my new favorite (even if Barefoot Cammy is still bottom-line sexier) and gives me more reason to love the game, and another mine of video material to enjoy and share with you all. The original Barefoot Blonde Bombshell in Brawling is Back and I'll be the first in line to give those gorgeous, deadly toes and soles the kisses and service they deserve.

Yep, this lady's hot and she knows it.

So enjoy the vids I've posted here and on the Youtube Channel. There will be surely more to come! Even if there's still possibilities of more mods that will get the rest of the babes in Streetfighter X Tekken go barefoot, I'm already so happy right now. Nina's Feet are the Bomb. Heheh.


  1. Easily one of the sexist mods I ever soon her feet looks amazing, I wouldn't mind getting kicked in the face with those atleast I can get a quick

  2. I assume you mean 'sexiest', not sexist. Hehehe ^__^

  3. Oh wow I never thought I would be able to see her feet. Nice^^

    Though her feet would be even more sexy without the red toenail polish. Natural toes FTW.

    Other than that she has nice looking feet^^