Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas and Madison Paige (NSFW Preview Video)

First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers and friends here on the Blog. Thank you for a great year of blogging, virtual babe ogling and all-around footlover fun. May you all be happy and safe this holiday season.

One of the most anticipated games on PS3 coming next year, and one that looks to give a lot of beautiful, barefoot virtual babe hotness is Quantic Dream's interactive thriller-drama, Heavy Rain. For the past few months we've been treated to various vids that have been promising everything from an experience that is MORE than just a videogame to the next best thing to sliced bread. But then, here all we need is one thing- where are the barefoot babes??? Well, thankfully this new Polish trailer shows off the goods. Playable babe Madison Paige, the game's hottie, bares all in this vid, appearing topless in her much-anticipated shower scene. But of course, the best part for me is the Night Fight, where the intrepid, insomnia-stricken journalist is attacked by a masked intruder right in her apartment for a thrilling action sequence.

Of course, the best thing about it is that Madison is in her underwear and barefoot the whole time, so you can imagine the potentials for nice foot shots. The scene, which has been talked about in various text previews, is shown in brief snippets in the video. Okay, it's not quite up to the standards of the Chun-Li vs Vega Apartment Fight (but then again, what is), but I know I'm looking forward to playing it myself. For now, check out the sexy trailer for a tantalizing taste of what's to come in February.

Madison is one hot and beautiful heroine, although I must admit I find her face a bit too mannish (all the more reason to focus on her feet, I guess). Still, I'm sure foot fans all around will jump to give this beauty a relaxing foot massage to lull her to sleep and cure her insomnia. Hopefully the game is all that its being built up to be when it ships in a couple of months.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Christie! (Tekken 6)

Tekken's Capoeira Princess is one barefoot babe that's gorgeous from head to kissable toes.

I have to admit, I've been neglecting hot Capoeirsta Princess Christie Monteiro, one of Tekken's original barefoot babes, to an almost criminal degree in Tekken 6. What can I do? I've been dazzled (and continue to be dazzled) by hot blonde heiresses and cute and sexy martial arts tomboys all the time.
Luckily though, I've been able to take some time to play with (heheh) the kickfighting Brazilian babe, and I have to say I am liking her a lot. It helps though that I got to outfit my Christie in her uber-sexy Samba outfit, which is little more than a bikini... it's easily one of the sexiest costumes in the game, showing off a lot of her bronzed, blemish-free skin from top to bottom. Couple that with a sexy blonde hairstyle and I have to say I can't take my eyes off Miss Monteiro. Her sexy attacks as well are great, and although I am not a fan of her constantly-moving stance, her penchant for splits, handstands and flips are beyond fun. Check out these fight vids as I use my barefoot Samba Goddess to kick some ass in Ghost Battle.

To be honest, my main is still Lili (with Asuka a close second), but for now it's all about Christie, and I'm glad to give her the spotlight. This bronzed barefoot babe is beyond hot, and I will surely pleasure her with foot massages and kisses all over her perfect and lethal feet after a hard day of kicking arse. For now, enjoy the fight vids!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mariko (Torajiro Kishi's Devil from Dark Horse Comics)

Say Hello to the ab-sole-lutely gorgeous Mariko.

Here's a quickie. I found this sole-icious artwork online that I know was made for us foot fans. It's the cover to the second issue of Devil, by manga artist Torajiro Kishi. The comic, which debuts in early 2010, is a sci-fi/manga take on vampirism, in which a Vampire 'virus' is unleashed on the world. The soleful beauty featured on issue 2's cover is the ravishing Mariko, who is apparently the titular 'Devil' and one hell of a hot vampire. If Mariko is barefoot and hot like in the cover for the whole comic, I think I'll be following this series like a brain-hungry zombie.

The comic will be released by Dark Horse Comics, so if you're interested chase it down at your favorite comic stores next year (issue 2, from which the above artwork is the cover, is due out March 2010. For now though, enjoy the artwork and imagine yourself worshipping, touching and kissing Mariko's pale and perfect soles and toes.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Even More Juri (Super Streetfighter IV)

This vicious vixen just loves to feel her opponent's faces smash on her bare soles... what a girl.

It's still a few months tlll the release of Super Streetfighter IV, and while we're all still awaiting the final confirmation of more barefoot hotties in Capcom's fighting sequel, we've been blessed with several more screenshots of the sexy Taekwondo Vixen Juri Han laying the Smacketh Down with her lovely and lethal feet. As you can see from the pics, one great thing in SSFIV's polygon peds is that Juri's feet BEND. She's got joints in her toes, which allow them to curl down or up, which is not common for in-game, CG feet these days. That alone is something cool to note for foot fans, and a note that really, Miss Han is a babe made for our loving. Heheh...

Juri knocks Cammy off her feet. Surely those boots are weighing Cammy down... perhaps the British blonde should consider ditching those Doc Martens and going barefoot. She might like it... I know we would.

More ass-kicking from Juri to Cammy. And more views of Juri's bendable feet. The devs really made sure to go into detail with Juri's peds... I can't wait to see all her animations and moves in the final game.

Nice toenails. Love this screenie, as we get a nice view of Juri's talented and deadly digits. It's like she's raising her foot to our mesmerized faces and saying, "Love them? Then start kissing!" Yeah, she'd be the type to say that...

Juri takes it to The Boss. I can't wait to see anime Juri in action, in the animated story cinematics that have been revamped for SSFIV. Maybe we'll see her dominate the competition and stand over her defeated foes, foot pressing on their faces.

Juri's Counter. One of the TKD vixen's moves is a cool counter that lets her 'teleport' as a response to getting hit. Nice surprise to give unsuspecting foes.

EAT FEET! My favorite screenshot of the lot, with Juri giving a sexy double-footed uppercut to Big Boss Seth. I just love how Juri's feet are nicely curled upwards to give the full force of her heels into the attack. Man, Seth's lucky (?) to taste such lovely soles up close. I know I love this move to pieces, and I'm sure all of you guys do too... heheh...

Man, Juri gets sexier and hotter with every new screenshot. This babe is reason alone to get Super Streetfighter IV, but we can almost be sure that there's more goodies for us barefoot fans to come in this upcoming fighting sequel. Stay tuned in early 2010 for barefoot babe awesomeness!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Barefoot Bikini Babes coming to the PSP

Hitomi and company in your pants, all the time!

Yeah, the PSP kinda disappointed us this year... Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny had barefoot warrior babes but lacked fine detail and a story mode, while Tekken 6 portable came with almost no barefoot customization at all. Well, barefoot babe awesomeness is set to come in 2010, in the form of Tecmo's Dead or Alive Paradise. Essentially a port of the past Dead or Alive Xtreme games on the Xbox and Xbox360, this non-fighting game entry in the DOA series throws the hot female characters onto a tropical paradise to frolick and have fun in their skimpy swimsuits... and bare feet (unless you have them put on shoes, which you won't). Supposedly the PSP version will do away with the volleyball, so apparently you'll be occupied with minigames, casino games and character relationship management for your time.

Sexy minigames will occupy your time in DOA Paradise.

Also included surely will be the many 'Gravure Scenes' that show off the hot DOA babes in some sexy activity, which invariably should show of hot polygon flesh and sexy soles aplenty.

Of course, you needn't wait till the game's April release (Japan) to see the DOA babes already, as long as you have an Xbox or a 360 and a copy of the Xtreme games. Hopefully the PSP version will have new stuff and make unlocking the best parts a bit easier. This early, this may be a good title to wait for and have a permanent place in the PSP for barefoot bikini babes.

Nice... bike.

Check out more pics of the game and it's hot babes here.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Nina (Tekken 6)

I've been clocking in a lot of time with Tekken 6 recently, and in that time I've gotten the opportunity to get to know the blonde bombshell, Nina Williams, a bit better. Honestly, I've been quite absorbed with my current mains, Lili Rochefort and Asuka Kazama, so that I had neglected Miss Williams (Gadzooks), who was my favorite in the original Tekken (she was after all the original barefoot babe in the game). Well, it's both good and bad that Nina's changed a LOT from her past incarnations, with tons of new moves and combos aside from her classic bread-and-butter attacks. But what hasn't changed is that she still moves as sexy as she is deadly.

I'm no expert, but slowly I'm getting to grips with using this deadly assassin competently. In any case, just watching her do her high kicks while barefoot and in her ultra-sexy top and ridiculously high skirt are pleasures that amazing gaming technology affords to us in this wonderful day and age. So enjoy these Ghost Battle matches (against the CPU) from Tekken 6 on the PS3, and just imaging Nina pressing her perfect bare soles and toes onto your waiting face. Heheh...

How can any man concentrate when he's fighting a hottie like her?

With guns at her hips, Nina kinda looks like another hot barefoot babe... someone who likes raiding tombs...

I face off with my own customized barefoot Nina, whom I encounter as an opponent in Ghost Battle mode.

That was a tiring series of matches. Time for some beauty sleep...

With these vids, there's little wonder why I see Tekken 6 as the best barefoot babe game out there. Gotta get back to playing then...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mavi the Nature Witch (Luminous Arc)

Mavi's a Kick-ass Martial Arts Witch and Hot Barefoot Babe!

Another quickie hit. Earth elemental or nature babes are often great, usually because by principle these down-to-earth beauties gain their power from constant contact with the ground (like Toph from Avatar and so on). That means these earthy gals often shun shoes and always go barefoot. One cool example of earth/nature hottie from gaming is Mavi from the DS RPG Luminous Arc. Known as 'The Nature Witch', Mavi is as much a physical fighter as she is a magic-user, kicking butt with powerful punches and hot kicks with her sexy legs and hot bare feet. Nicely so, she's an endearing tomboy, at first always showing a strong and unflinching tough gal facade. Eventually in the course of the adventure though she warms up to the hero, showing a bit of her vulnerable side (she's apparently deathly afraid of spiders) and, we imagine, also nice views of her feet? Heheh...

Aside from the wonderful character art above, enjoy this sweet but all-too-brief vid of a kick-ass Mavi, taken from the Luminous Arc anime intro.

Well, all I can say is that Mavi is one kick-ass, beautiful nature goddess whom I (and most foot fans) should love to worship and pleasure with loving massages on her strong, pretty bare feet. Even though she'd probably be a little shy and self-conscious to have such attention given to them, I think in the end she'd enjoy kisses and lavished pleasure on each of her limber toes and on her soil-smoothened soles. Barefoot witches rock, and Mavi is no exception!

The Baroness (G.I. Joe)

Right on the sexy bare heels of our last G.I. Joe bad girl Zarana comes arguably the most recognizable and iconic femme fatale in the franchise. Of course, I'm talking about the ruthlessly hot, lethal and sexy megane-beauty, The Baroness. Okay, in the movie she was played by the gorgeous Sienna Miller and was easily the hottest babe in the film (yeah, even more than goody-goody genius commando Scarlett), and even better she showed off some sole in a quick flashback. Well, in the cartoon series the Baroness is quite a bit different. She's a bit older and more mature, and she's got that somewhat grating voice and accent. That still doesn't take away from the fact that the Baroness is one hot babe. And of course, she's at her hottest in the episode entitled "The Gamesmaster" (episode 26), that odd chapter in the cartoon that throws two pairs from both the Joes and Cobra sides to play a deadly game of cat and mouse at the behest of the maniacal title character.

The great thing about the episode of course is that the Baroness was kidnapped as she was in the middle of enjoying a dip in a jacuzzi/pool, which leaves her in a bikini and barefoot for the whole episode. This pretty much made this ep a favorite of many a young viewer, and of course foot fans enjoyed it immensely. The animation wasn't as good as the movie version, but still, there are a couple of nice closeups of the Baroness' sexy bare feet, plus she even gets to roll around in the grass with ol' Flint... lucky guy. So check out the following vid with all the footage of this hot Cobra femme fatale.

While the Baroness is most often clad in her sexy form-fitting leather outfits and boots, I'm sure foot fans would love to strip off the undesirable accessories to give this dominating dominatrix some fitting service on her sexy soles and toes. As long as she doesn't talk much (man, that voice really grates), this hottie is one barefoot babe worth worshipping. Man, first Zarana and now the Baroness... Bad Girls really do rule, at least in G.I. Joe!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sole-ful Bikini Lara from Nico Bass

Truly soles and toes to treasure.

Just a quickie- here's a pretty awesome barefoot and bikini-clad Lara Croft art from wondrous and prolific CG artist Nico Bass on Deviantart. As usual, his rendition of Lara is better than official Croft illustrations, and much, much more tuned to our tastes. Man, her feet are so detailed you can almost see her toe prints! Man, can you imagine kissing and massaging those amazing soles and toes? Nico Bass, I salute you!

You can find a hi-res version of this lovely piece of virtual babe art (and tons more barefoot Lara) here.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ibuki Comic Announced!

Foot-tastic cover for Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki issue 1.

This bit of news made me jump for joy! Udon comics has just announced Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki, a 4-issue limited series starring our favorite barefoot ninja girl! Like the previous SFL series which took on Sakura and Chun-Li, this upcoming title will reveal more about the super-cute kunoichi than ever before. Even better, the comic will also feature the spunky karate girl, Makoto! Two barefoot SF3 hotties in one book!?! AWESOME!!!

The above image, Cover B of issue 1 (done by awesome artist Jay Axer), is obviously made for our tastes (What a royal view of Ibuki's nicely-drawn feet, if I do say so myself) and bodes well for the ninja girl goodness to come. Though I have to say that artist Omar Dogan portrays a squeezably cute Ibuki, he's not the greatest at drawing bare feet- I hope he does his homework this time as his star spends most of her time shoeless after all. In any case, this is totally awesome and any ninja fan, Streetfighter fan AND foot fan has got to look forward to this when issue 1 drops on March 2010 (incidentally the same time I think that Super Streetfighter IV comes out).

Now, if this isn't a sign that Ibuki (and Makoto) are indeed slated to come out in the upcoming SSFIV, I don't know what is. Anyway, Ibuki's almost totally confirmed anyway, so all we can do is cross our fingers to have SF3 barefoot babe love in spades this coming March. If you wanna see more info on the comic as well as some preview pages, check out the article here.

WOOOH!!! Happy day!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Zarana (G.I. Joe the Animated Movie)

Zartan's hot sister is one awesome barefoot babe.

Here's a barefoot babe and video from my teen years (man, do I feel old). Back when I was in high school, I think, one of the hottest things to watch were the animated movies from Hasbro- Transformers the Movie and G.I. Joe the Movie. Both featured much more detailed and high quality animation compared to the TV series counterparts, and also upped the level of action... and in the case of the G.I. Joe movie, sex appeal. While the Joe babes and the hot Baroness (who will be featured in another post) still remained totally clothed and shod throughout (bah), one hot vixen would bare her bod and sexy feet for foot fans' pleasure. That babe is, of course, Zarana.

The younger sister of Cobra's Master of Disguise, Zartan, Zarana was a punkish, feisty fury known for her short, neon-colored hair and preference for pink in her punkish wardrobe. She makes her awesome animated debut in the G.I. Joe movie, where she infiltrates Joe HQ by posing as a blonde bimbo. Lo and behold, later in a hot reveal scene in an isolated lakeside clearing, she kicks off her sandals (the high point for foot fans, surely), showing off her pretty, nicely-drawn bare feet and then sheds her white dress to show off her bathing suit-clad hotness. She then proceeds to kick some butt as well!

Even after all these years, the clip is still quite hot and a classic foot scene. Zarana's appearance was surely one that most youths who saw the animated feature would long remember, and it would probably be safe to say that perhaps many a teen discovered he had a foot fetish after watching this one short but sweet clip. Any foot fan would surely want to reward this feisty spy with kisses and worship on her surprisingly dainty, pretty feet and soles for her great work.

If only there was a lot more Zarana footage out there, but sadly even non-barefoot scenes with her are as rare as- well- female Dreadnoks. Well, we will always have this clip to have this sexy spy's feet at our pleasure. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alexia Ashford (Resident Evil)

Alexia is one hot, barefoot mutant babe!

Recently I've been addicted to a new game I got. No, it's not Tekken 6 (well, not just that). It's the on-rails shooter, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles! This Wii game is pretty slick, adapting my two most favorite chapters in the Survival-Horror series to a high-octane shooting experience. The best part is though that this title doesn't come up short in terms of barefoot babes! Though zombie-killing hottie Claire Redfield's bare feet still elude us, we can however adore the lovely toes and soles of the sexy, albeit villanous Alexia Ashford.

In the original Resident Evil: Code Veronica, this beautiful but twisted genius wowed foot fans by transforming into a super-powered, fire-wielding, barefoot mutant dominatrix (showing off lovely closeups of her sexy feet as well). Here, in the updated, reimagined Code Veronica chapter of Darkside Chronicles we certainly are not disappointed.

As she transforms once again into her hot (literally), barefoot and naked form, Alexia engages the player in a action-packed melee, complete with her trademark taunting and sexy walk. Man, I could have just stared at this hottie prance around me all day, but unfortunately I had to put her down. Well, if I had my way I'd spare her and just give her the worship she deserves. Perhaps kisses on her toes and soles will cure her of her malignant insanity. Or not. Anyway, watch the vid and enjoy this bombastic barefoot babe in all her fiery glory!

You'll notice that I posted this on my Dailymotion channel instead of on Youtube, since at present Capcom seems to be actively taking down any videos posted on YT from Darkside Chronicles. For now, Dailymotion may be the safe place to post it, but I'll repost it at Virtual Soles Youtube when the coast is clear. For now, enjoy!