Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Nina (Tekken 6)

I've been clocking in a lot of time with Tekken 6 recently, and in that time I've gotten the opportunity to get to know the blonde bombshell, Nina Williams, a bit better. Honestly, I've been quite absorbed with my current mains, Lili Rochefort and Asuka Kazama, so that I had neglected Miss Williams (Gadzooks), who was my favorite in the original Tekken (she was after all the original barefoot babe in the game). Well, it's both good and bad that Nina's changed a LOT from her past incarnations, with tons of new moves and combos aside from her classic bread-and-butter attacks. But what hasn't changed is that she still moves as sexy as she is deadly.

I'm no expert, but slowly I'm getting to grips with using this deadly assassin competently. In any case, just watching her do her high kicks while barefoot and in her ultra-sexy top and ridiculously high skirt are pleasures that amazing gaming technology affords to us in this wonderful day and age. So enjoy these Ghost Battle matches (against the CPU) from Tekken 6 on the PS3, and just imaging Nina pressing her perfect bare soles and toes onto your waiting face. Heheh...

How can any man concentrate when he's fighting a hottie like her?

With guns at her hips, Nina kinda looks like another hot barefoot babe... someone who likes raiding tombs...

I face off with my own customized barefoot Nina, whom I encounter as an opponent in Ghost Battle mode.

That was a tiring series of matches. Time for some beauty sleep...

With these vids, there's little wonder why I see Tekken 6 as the best barefoot babe game out there. Gotta get back to playing then...


  1. Yeah in that outfit, she does look like a certain femme fatale from the UK. ;)

    Good post, Sole Keeper.

  2. And as for the last screenshot, I see that the camera is showing the two types of "piggies".

  3. Awesome!!! This blonde bombshell is my favorite female Tekken character since I started playing the series with Tekken 3. Would love to have her press her feet against my face. Thanks very much for posting her Sole Keeper. ^_^