Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ibuki Comic Announced!

Foot-tastic cover for Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki issue 1.

This bit of news made me jump for joy! Udon comics has just announced Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki, a 4-issue limited series starring our favorite barefoot ninja girl! Like the previous SFL series which took on Sakura and Chun-Li, this upcoming title will reveal more about the super-cute kunoichi than ever before. Even better, the comic will also feature the spunky karate girl, Makoto! Two barefoot SF3 hotties in one book!?! AWESOME!!!

The above image, Cover B of issue 1 (done by awesome artist Jay Axer), is obviously made for our tastes (What a royal view of Ibuki's nicely-drawn feet, if I do say so myself) and bodes well for the ninja girl goodness to come. Though I have to say that artist Omar Dogan portrays a squeezably cute Ibuki, he's not the greatest at drawing bare feet- I hope he does his homework this time as his star spends most of her time shoeless after all. In any case, this is totally awesome and any ninja fan, Streetfighter fan AND foot fan has got to look forward to this when issue 1 drops on March 2010 (incidentally the same time I think that Super Streetfighter IV comes out).

Now, if this isn't a sign that Ibuki (and Makoto) are indeed slated to come out in the upcoming SSFIV, I don't know what is. Anyway, Ibuki's almost totally confirmed anyway, so all we can do is cross our fingers to have SF3 barefoot babe love in spades this coming March. If you wanna see more info on the comic as well as some preview pages, check out the article here.

WOOOH!!! Happy day!!!


  1. It's about time everyone's favorite barefoot ninja babe finally got some love! This is probably some of the best news I've heard all year, Until She's officially confirmed in Super Street Fighter IV, this is the best I've heard until that announcement is made.

  2. My goodness this is awesome news. Totally didn't see this coming. :D

  3. Awesome post Sole Keeper. I'm definitely going get this series when it comes out. :-)

    Also for your videogame poll...I voted Virtua fight mainly cause I can't get Sarah's POV stomp intro out of my head. :-D

  4. Wahaha! Yeah, VF5R's intros are awesome, Sarah's stomp being THE most awesome and footfan-friendly EVER. Unfortunately the sad fact is, even if VF5R is ever ported home, these intros probably will never make it into the console versions. Good thing there are tons of vids with the intros already online anyway. ^_^

    For me though, Tekken 6 is IT. Obviously. Heheh...

  5. that post really made my day Sole Keeper! damn... barefoot female ninjas are so rare these days.... uh...basically they 've always been...anyways, that was an awesome post! keep it up! ps: that 'wahaha' on your last comment reminds me of something....