Monday, December 14, 2009

The Baroness (G.I. Joe)

Right on the sexy bare heels of our last G.I. Joe bad girl Zarana comes arguably the most recognizable and iconic femme fatale in the franchise. Of course, I'm talking about the ruthlessly hot, lethal and sexy megane-beauty, The Baroness. Okay, in the movie she was played by the gorgeous Sienna Miller and was easily the hottest babe in the film (yeah, even more than goody-goody genius commando Scarlett), and even better she showed off some sole in a quick flashback. Well, in the cartoon series the Baroness is quite a bit different. She's a bit older and more mature, and she's got that somewhat grating voice and accent. That still doesn't take away from the fact that the Baroness is one hot babe. And of course, she's at her hottest in the episode entitled "The Gamesmaster" (episode 26), that odd chapter in the cartoon that throws two pairs from both the Joes and Cobra sides to play a deadly game of cat and mouse at the behest of the maniacal title character.

The great thing about the episode of course is that the Baroness was kidnapped as she was in the middle of enjoying a dip in a jacuzzi/pool, which leaves her in a bikini and barefoot for the whole episode. This pretty much made this ep a favorite of many a young viewer, and of course foot fans enjoyed it immensely. The animation wasn't as good as the movie version, but still, there are a couple of nice closeups of the Baroness' sexy bare feet, plus she even gets to roll around in the grass with ol' Flint... lucky guy. So check out the following vid with all the footage of this hot Cobra femme fatale.

While the Baroness is most often clad in her sexy form-fitting leather outfits and boots, I'm sure foot fans would love to strip off the undesirable accessories to give this dominating dominatrix some fitting service on her sexy soles and toes. As long as she doesn't talk much (man, that voice really grates), this hottie is one barefoot babe worth worshipping. Man, first Zarana and now the Baroness... Bad Girls really do rule, at least in G.I. Joe!


  1. I'm glad you didn't forget that scene, Sole Keeper. That one was a treasure.

  2. Yep indeed. This episode was truly one to remember. ^_^

  3. Very hot. For me Baroness is the original badgirl being the first villainess that I remember having a crush on in my childhood. Was awesome to see her in a swimsuit and barefoot too. :-)

  4. Lady Jaye was wearing some open-toed shoes in that episode if my eyes don't deceive me :)