Monday, December 21, 2009

Even More Juri (Super Streetfighter IV)

This vicious vixen just loves to feel her opponent's faces smash on her bare soles... what a girl.

It's still a few months tlll the release of Super Streetfighter IV, and while we're all still awaiting the final confirmation of more barefoot hotties in Capcom's fighting sequel, we've been blessed with several more screenshots of the sexy Taekwondo Vixen Juri Han laying the Smacketh Down with her lovely and lethal feet. As you can see from the pics, one great thing in SSFIV's polygon peds is that Juri's feet BEND. She's got joints in her toes, which allow them to curl down or up, which is not common for in-game, CG feet these days. That alone is something cool to note for foot fans, and a note that really, Miss Han is a babe made for our loving. Heheh...

Juri knocks Cammy off her feet. Surely those boots are weighing Cammy down... perhaps the British blonde should consider ditching those Doc Martens and going barefoot. She might like it... I know we would.

More ass-kicking from Juri to Cammy. And more views of Juri's bendable feet. The devs really made sure to go into detail with Juri's peds... I can't wait to see all her animations and moves in the final game.

Nice toenails. Love this screenie, as we get a nice view of Juri's talented and deadly digits. It's like she's raising her foot to our mesmerized faces and saying, "Love them? Then start kissing!" Yeah, she'd be the type to say that...

Juri takes it to The Boss. I can't wait to see anime Juri in action, in the animated story cinematics that have been revamped for SSFIV. Maybe we'll see her dominate the competition and stand over her defeated foes, foot pressing on their faces.

Juri's Counter. One of the TKD vixen's moves is a cool counter that lets her 'teleport' as a response to getting hit. Nice surprise to give unsuspecting foes.

EAT FEET! My favorite screenshot of the lot, with Juri giving a sexy double-footed uppercut to Big Boss Seth. I just love how Juri's feet are nicely curled upwards to give the full force of her heels into the attack. Man, Seth's lucky (?) to taste such lovely soles up close. I know I love this move to pieces, and I'm sure all of you guys do too... heheh...

Man, Juri gets sexier and hotter with every new screenshot. This babe is reason alone to get Super Streetfighter IV, but we can almost be sure that there's more goodies for us barefoot fans to come in this upcoming fighting sequel. Stay tuned in early 2010 for barefoot babe awesomeness!


  1. I completely agree, I'm very happy to see Street Fighter finally get a barefoot FEMALE character. Because after playing the original SFIV I was really beginning to lose hope for any barefoot females at all. Because upon closer inspection, I counted a grand total of 11 barefoot men (which I absolutely hated) so Juri's introduction I completely welcome with open arms and as side note, I really wish Chun-Li would bare her soles for us like in the movie, in addition to exposing her large and lovely thighs as well.

  2. Glad we share the same sentiments, Stephan. It's about time that SFIV too the SF3 route with more barefoot babes to counter all those big barefoot blokes. Hahaha!

  3. I've been waiting for barefoot babes since SF3 and man they're totally delivering with Juri. Its like they're making up for the long wait with her. :D

    And I agree there are too many barefoot guys. Hope they throw some more babes to balance it.

  4. Awesome I really love seeing this female fighter. I'm so jealous of Seth in that last shot. ^_^

  5. Reading the's like Elena never existed lol..