Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alexia Ashford (Resident Evil)

Alexia is one hot, barefoot mutant babe!

Recently I've been addicted to a new game I got. No, it's not Tekken 6 (well, not just that). It's the on-rails shooter, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles! This Wii game is pretty slick, adapting my two most favorite chapters in the Survival-Horror series to a high-octane shooting experience. The best part is though that this title doesn't come up short in terms of barefoot babes! Though zombie-killing hottie Claire Redfield's bare feet still elude us, we can however adore the lovely toes and soles of the sexy, albeit villanous Alexia Ashford.

In the original Resident Evil: Code Veronica, this beautiful but twisted genius wowed foot fans by transforming into a super-powered, fire-wielding, barefoot mutant dominatrix (showing off lovely closeups of her sexy feet as well). Here, in the updated, reimagined Code Veronica chapter of Darkside Chronicles we certainly are not disappointed.

As she transforms once again into her hot (literally), barefoot and naked form, Alexia engages the player in a action-packed melee, complete with her trademark taunting and sexy walk. Man, I could have just stared at this hottie prance around me all day, but unfortunately I had to put her down. Well, if I had my way I'd spare her and just give her the worship she deserves. Perhaps kisses on her toes and soles will cure her of her malignant insanity. Or not. Anyway, watch the vid and enjoy this bombastic barefoot babe in all her fiery glory!

You'll notice that I posted this on my Dailymotion channel instead of on Youtube, since at present Capcom seems to be actively taking down any videos posted on YT from Darkside Chronicles. For now, Dailymotion may be the safe place to post it, but I'll repost it at Virtual Soles Youtube when the coast is clear. For now, enjoy!


  1. Good Post, I was completely unaware this barefoot hotness. It looks like I'll be picking up copy of this pretty soon.

  2. O_O Wow...Alexia has never looked hotter. I seriously need to check this game out. Awesome post Sole Keeper.

  3. What's up again Sole? I found neat hentai game where you nail a hot catgirl, but best of all, YOU CAN SUCK ON HER TOES!! But only on four of them, sadly. Here's the link:

  4. Ah, great stuff, Stephan. I just wish the art style was a bit cuter, and the feet softer-looking. ^_^