Monday, November 30, 2009

Tala the Sorceress (Justice League Unlimited)

Get ready to fall under this barefoot witch's spell.

I love the Bruce Timm DC Universe, particularly the awesome Justice League Unlimited series. I honestly believe that this is the finest superhero cartoon ever, and has yet to be surpassed. One aspect that I wish it could have improved on was, well, the number of barefoot babes. You could probably count the shoeless sirens of JLU on one hand sadly, but those that it has are pretty awesome. One of them is Tala, the pale-skinned, sexy and yes, ever-barefoot enchantress. This white-eyed wizardess was a recurring character, appearing most frequently in Season 3 (where she sadly seems to expire in the penultimate episode). While she was there she was pretty awesome. It was never revealed why she seemed to shun footwear- perhaps she drew her powers from the earth. Or perhaps she was a hippie. Or she just knew that her perfect, teasing bare toes and soles are all she needs to ensnare, enchant and enslave us foot fans, who will surely service this sorcerous beauty with kisses all over toes and soles. Anyway, check out this following video with many of Tala's best footage in the series.

Feeling faint? Tala can be sure foot fans will give her a soothing massage while she naps.


  1. Awesome post Sole Keeper. I really love the Justice League Unlimited series too. :-)

    Tala is incredibly hot. Thank you so much for posting her.

  2. Ima Marry Her Lmao