Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kasuga Animated (Sengoku Basara)

It was months ago that I first posted about Kasuga, the well-endowed blonde kunoichi from the Sengoku Basara videogame. As we should all remember, this lovely ninja girl shows off her toes in her regular, default outfit (her alternate costume exposed more of her feet)- while she's not totally barefoot, I consider her a barefoot babe regardless since part of her feet do touch the ground. In any case, she's a babe any foot fan would certainly worship and love, with her hot bod, sexy and talented toes and endearing penchant for turning red with embarrassment at every little thing. Man, if only that Uesugi dude was a foot fan... he'd probably play with Kasuga's toes all day.

Anyway, fans of this hottie can rejoice with these vids starring Kasuga, all taken from the rather excellent Sengoku Basara anime. Check them out!

To recap, here are Kasuga's CG intros from the games (Devil Kings and Devil Kings 2).

Her CG intro from Devil Kings, showing her first encounter with her liege, Kenshin Uesugi. What a lucky guy...

Kasuga's Devil Kings 2 Intro.

Thanks to Euphoria for pointing me to the two game CG clips! A second season of the Sengoku Basara anime has already been announced for next year, so hopefully we'll have more Kasuga (and maybe in her more foot-exposing alternate outfit?) in 2010.


  1. Awesome!!! These clips are really hot. I love barefoot blonde assassins. ^_^

  2. ah geez i should have told you about this one ages ago.

    PS2 game Devil Kings by Capcom, there's full CG FOOTage of Kasuga in there the begging sequence for his or her gameplay

    and her Devil Kings 2 opening

  3. Wow that Kasuga sure is hot. Epic post! :D