Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tekken 6 CosPlay: Lili Rochefort as Barefoot Saber

Here are some Tekken 6 vids from fans of cute, barefoot blonde babes. These three matches feature the incomparable Lili Rochefort kicking ass while dressed up to resemble the lovely Saber from the anime/game series Fate/Stay Night. It's just a simple matter of customizing Lili with her pinned-up hair, white gloves, a sword and a blue version of her default P1 dress. Oh, and of course we left out any footwear because... well, because. Heh. Anyway, enjoy the matches with our blue-blooded barefoot babe!

Freezing snow is no problem for feet as hot as Lili's/Saber's.

Lili/Saber lays the smackdown on Marduk for wearing too much pink.

Lili/Saber teaches the Dirty Old Man to keep his hands to himself.

Tekken 6 is out now for the PS3 and Xbox360. The PSP version is also out, but apparently took some shortcuts in a lot of aspects- including the customization system. I'm not sure if the PSP game still lets you have the babes barefoot, which would kill it for me if it didn't. Anyway, for now, enjoy the vids. More to come soon!


  1. Sorry to disappoint, but only two of the original 6 barefoot-able babes can go barefoot in Tekken 6 on PSP, and that's Alisa and Christie.

  2. Wang. XD

    God, I love this game. Good post, Sole Keeper.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up on the PSP version, Stephan. That's really a downer, but I expected it. Anyway, I've already got the PS3 version anyway, which is far and away the best version. I'll probably still get the PSP game if I can, but now it's not a priority. Oh well...

  4. Wow cosplay Lili Rocks!! Great post Sole Keeper.

  5. Great posts, I am also a consistent viewer of your Youtube channel and I think it's great.

    Just wondering though do you know how Tekken 6 makes Ghosts? For example does it take your available/unlocked customizations for the characters and use them, or is it really saving other players customizations and making you fight them?

    Just wondering if you know, because I have never come across a barefoot customized girl in this game in Ghost Battles even once, except for the girls that have barefoot costumes by default (Asuka and Christie). I am mainly asking because you have come across that and I was wondering if you downloaded Ghosts or it was just pure luck.

  6. Hello, Anonymous. AFAIK you create Ghosts automatically when you use fighters for some length of time. To share them (or get them yourself), you must connect online at which you can elect to upload your data- which consists of both Ghost Data (you can upload up to three characters) and Replays.
    As far as I know, Ghosts will carry the customs you equip them with. Once uploaded, you can go yourself to the list of uploaded ghosts to find your own Name or Player ID to download your own Ghosts.

    I've done this, but to be honest I haven't yet encountered my own Ghosts, but this should probably happen when I play enough. I have seen vids online where a player has fought his own Ghost, so it's not impossible.

    Oh, and while playing Ghost Battle in Tekken 6 all this time I've seen about 2 barefoot Ghost female characters- a Xiaoyu and an Asuka. The best thing to do is find your own ghosts, or ghosts of players who have their babes barefoot, and download them to your PS3 for you to take on in Ghost Battle.