Friday, November 20, 2009

More Juri: Awesome Art and Match Vids

Juri Han by UDON.

We really can't get enough of Capcom's hot new barefoot babe, Juri Han from the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV. So here are a couple more nice bits featuring this sexy vixen. First off is the above illustration, which is from the artists of Udon, makers of the official US Streetfighter line of comics. The awesome piece actually appeared in the final issue of the Streetfighter IV comics, introducing Juri as Seth's new right-hand woman and replacement for Crimson Viper. I'm looking forward to Juri appearing in the Super Streetfighter IV comic (which I'm sure should appear somewhere down the road). Definitely she's hot, though I wish they showed off her feet- so far her artworks don't show what she's all about, but perhaps soon...

Really, can you blame me for fixating on this chick? For one, her design- as a TKD babe she's barefoot, which is already a given- but they made her an EVIL Crazy-HOT TKD babe with an incredibly cute face, hot body and outfit AND detailed bare feet... detail not only in the visuals (gotta love those purple-painted toenails), but in the animation; her feet actually bend at the toes as she does her various kicks and moves, which is rare for 3-D character models.

Juri's stylish animations are great as well, such as her simple walking animation, which has her just nonchalantly advancing or retreating with her hands at her sides, totally confident. Her win poses as well are a treat, again giving emphasis on her feet. In one, she's either holding her sole behind her head in a cat-like stretch. In the other, my favorite, she raises her foot and waves it teasingly- I love how they animated this particular bit, as her foot seems to take on a soft quality- perfect!

It just makes you think that Juri is one dominatrix who is sure to appreciate foot slaves groveling before her, giving her powerful feet a well-deserved kiss on every perfect toe and all over her smooth soles. She'd definitely enjoy placing her feet on a willing servant's back as a footstool or footrest, which should please quite a few of us of that persuasion. Heheh.

For now, enjoy these new vids, with Juri in actual match action- so now we can see more of her actual in-game animations, including her sexy attacks, KO pose, win poses and victory screen from this deadly diva. Plus it's also great to hear more of her voice work as well. Anyway, we'll surely have more Juri as we get 'em in the weeks and months to go till SSFIV's release. Enjoy!

Juri takes on Deejay. Watch out for her sexy win pose!

Juri may not be a girl you'd introduce to the parents, but she's every foot-fan's dream date.

Cross your fingers as well that Super Streetfighter IV will feature even more barefoot babes as more is revealed about the game in the following weeks and months. Man, Ibuki and Makoto would truly MAKE SSFIV another must-have title for foot fans in 2010. Later then!


  1. "Really, can you blame me for fixating on this chick?"

    No, not at all.

  2. Dang Sole Keeper I think you're a bigger Juri fan than me. Awesome posting yo. :D

  3. I know that it's wishful thinking but it would be really nice for Street Fighter 4 for have a massage mode allowing us to give female characters like her a foot rub.

    Anyway, another awesome bonus Sole Keeper. I really loved the picture and clips...I'm totally fixated on Juri as well. ^_^

  4. I know that we should be here for her feet but.. I dig her hair ^_^ Thanks for the stuff man!