Monday, December 14, 2009

Mavi the Nature Witch (Luminous Arc)

Mavi's a Kick-ass Martial Arts Witch and Hot Barefoot Babe!

Another quickie hit. Earth elemental or nature babes are often great, usually because by principle these down-to-earth beauties gain their power from constant contact with the ground (like Toph from Avatar and so on). That means these earthy gals often shun shoes and always go barefoot. One cool example of earth/nature hottie from gaming is Mavi from the DS RPG Luminous Arc. Known as 'The Nature Witch', Mavi is as much a physical fighter as she is a magic-user, kicking butt with powerful punches and hot kicks with her sexy legs and hot bare feet. Nicely so, she's an endearing tomboy, at first always showing a strong and unflinching tough gal facade. Eventually in the course of the adventure though she warms up to the hero, showing a bit of her vulnerable side (she's apparently deathly afraid of spiders) and, we imagine, also nice views of her feet? Heheh...

Aside from the wonderful character art above, enjoy this sweet but all-too-brief vid of a kick-ass Mavi, taken from the Luminous Arc anime intro.

Well, all I can say is that Mavi is one kick-ass, beautiful nature goddess whom I (and most foot fans) should love to worship and pleasure with loving massages on her strong, pretty bare feet. Even though she'd probably be a little shy and self-conscious to have such attention given to them, I think in the end she'd enjoy kisses and lavished pleasure on each of her limber toes and on her soil-smoothened soles. Barefoot witches rock, and Mavi is no exception!


  1. Man that was aweomse. :D

  2. I enjoyed the closeups, but the slow motion singing made me laugh. XD

  3. Wow...she's very hot! ^_^ I'd love to worship this barefoot witch's feet. :-)