Monday, December 7, 2009

Zarana (G.I. Joe the Animated Movie)

Zartan's hot sister is one awesome barefoot babe.

Here's a barefoot babe and video from my teen years (man, do I feel old). Back when I was in high school, I think, one of the hottest things to watch were the animated movies from Hasbro- Transformers the Movie and G.I. Joe the Movie. Both featured much more detailed and high quality animation compared to the TV series counterparts, and also upped the level of action... and in the case of the G.I. Joe movie, sex appeal. While the Joe babes and the hot Baroness (who will be featured in another post) still remained totally clothed and shod throughout (bah), one hot vixen would bare her bod and sexy feet for foot fans' pleasure. That babe is, of course, Zarana.

The younger sister of Cobra's Master of Disguise, Zartan, Zarana was a punkish, feisty fury known for her short, neon-colored hair and preference for pink in her punkish wardrobe. She makes her awesome animated debut in the G.I. Joe movie, where she infiltrates Joe HQ by posing as a blonde bimbo. Lo and behold, later in a hot reveal scene in an isolated lakeside clearing, she kicks off her sandals (the high point for foot fans, surely), showing off her pretty, nicely-drawn bare feet and then sheds her white dress to show off her bathing suit-clad hotness. She then proceeds to kick some butt as well!

Even after all these years, the clip is still quite hot and a classic foot scene. Zarana's appearance was surely one that most youths who saw the animated feature would long remember, and it would probably be safe to say that perhaps many a teen discovered he had a foot fetish after watching this one short but sweet clip. Any foot fan would surely want to reward this feisty spy with kisses and worship on her surprisingly dainty, pretty feet and soles for her great work.

If only there was a lot more Zarana footage out there, but sadly even non-barefoot scenes with her are as rare as- well- female Dreadnoks. Well, we will always have this clip to have this sexy spy's feet at our pleasure. Enjoy!


  1. Ah, yes. I remember that scene many years ago. Good times. :)

    One of your best posts to date, Sole Keeper.

  2. Very HOT indeed! while there may be an age gap between you and I Sole, My love for peds and sexy toes is no less greater than yours. And by the way, I believe my lust for feet may have began even before I was a teen, because I remember having a thing for Cleo's feet on Heathcliff.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the clip, guys. Nice bit of retro-animated feet there.

    Stephan: My foot fetish as well started very early as well- I remember liking stuff from old Hanna-Barbera cartoons back then. Still, there was no way to record vids so a lot of it is down to memory. Oh well...

  4. Wow this character is really hot. Great post Sole Keeper.