Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Christie! (Tekken 6)

Tekken's Capoeira Princess is one barefoot babe that's gorgeous from head to kissable toes.

I have to admit, I've been neglecting hot Capoeirsta Princess Christie Monteiro, one of Tekken's original barefoot babes, to an almost criminal degree in Tekken 6. What can I do? I've been dazzled (and continue to be dazzled) by hot blonde heiresses and cute and sexy martial arts tomboys all the time.
Luckily though, I've been able to take some time to play with (heheh) the kickfighting Brazilian babe, and I have to say I am liking her a lot. It helps though that I got to outfit my Christie in her uber-sexy Samba outfit, which is little more than a bikini... it's easily one of the sexiest costumes in the game, showing off a lot of her bronzed, blemish-free skin from top to bottom. Couple that with a sexy blonde hairstyle and I have to say I can't take my eyes off Miss Monteiro. Her sexy attacks as well are great, and although I am not a fan of her constantly-moving stance, her penchant for splits, handstands and flips are beyond fun. Check out these fight vids as I use my barefoot Samba Goddess to kick some ass in Ghost Battle.

To be honest, my main is still Lili (with Asuka a close second), but for now it's all about Christie, and I'm glad to give her the spotlight. This bronzed barefoot babe is beyond hot, and I will surely pleasure her with foot massages and kisses all over her perfect and lethal feet after a hard day of kicking arse. For now, enjoy the fight vids!


  1. Awesome Vids! I'm glad to see you actually know how to use Christie, because a very vast majority of Christie players online don't. And despite the fact the she's probably my least favorite barefoot babe in Tekken 6, she easily has some the sexiest and most revealing outfits in the game.

  2. Really awesome post Solekeeper Christie totally rocks. :-)