Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SCIV CASplay: Jue vs Thaddeus (Animatrix)

Then, and even to this day, Final Flight of the Osiris' Jue is one hot barefoot fighting babe.

One of my most favorite barefoot babe fight scenes is the sexy CG striptease swordfight from The Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris. Even if Osiris wasn't the exactly the most critically-acclaimed of the various Matrix anime films, it was the most memorable for me, in terms of visuals and, of course, one HOT barefoot kick-ass babe by the name of Jue. Even today, the graphics and animation of that eye-catching duel still holds well to stuff you see in games and movies today- not bad for something released about seven or eight years ago. Anyway, as my previous posts have shown, I'm in a Soulcalibur IV Character Creation mood these days, so I thought... why not remake the Jue and Thaddeus fight in CASplay?

Well, the result isn't perfect- while I think Thad turned out pretty well... really, who cares? Jue on the other hand looks slightly different, mainly due to a lack of an exact hairstyle and underwear customization that's like in the film. Plus, both of them have no blindfolds. On the whole though, I think she's a pretty good redo. So to fix that up, I thought up some backstory to set up the video.

So this sword duel between Jue and Thad isn't actually the same fight shown in The Animatrix- This battle actually takes place several years before the events in Final Flight of the Osiris, in fact, the first duel ever between Thaddeus and Jue. This explains why they both look a bit younger than in the film. Also, to explain the combative nature of their dialogue to each other (not stuff lovers would exchange, obviously), it's due to the fact that they're NOT in a relationship yet. Thad is the respected veteran, while Jue is a young upstart recruit, and they each hate each others' guts. In this fight, they're actually trying to take the other out- unlike in the anime, where they're basically just performing foreplay. Check out the vid now!

This duel is set years before the one in the anime. Also, this fight ends with a definite victor.

And the winner is... JUE! Why, you ask, when she was clearly the one lying unconscious on the floor at the end of the match. Well, yes, Jue did lose the fight, but Thaddeus lost his heart to the young woman who fought him with such exceptional skill, courage... and perfect feet with smooth and soft soles he'd surely want to caress, massage and stroke for hours... with his face.

Who knows, perhaps this was indeed the case- perhaps Jue and Thad's relationship began at First Fight. Well, certainly it would have given him, as it gave us, ample opportunity to see and ogle Jue's lovely bare feet in action... and surely by now we're madly in love with her as well. So enjoy the vid and keep dreaming of Jue's soft soles pressing into your face.


  1. I really had fun both making the vid and writing the article. I really love this fight scene and the characters. I'll probably get back to Jue some more times later...