Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Retro Barefoot Babe Game Spotlight: Outlaw Volleyball

Gamers who’ve been around a while should remember the day of the original Xbox. That huge, freakin’ heavy black box from Microsoft had a lot of misses, but also quite a few hot games foot fans would enjoy. One of these was the titillating sports-action title, Outlaw Volleyball. Locking head to head with the Other fan service-heavy beach volleyball title, Dead or Alive Beach Vollebyall, OV from developer Hypnotix set itself apart from the anime-esque DOAX with a more irreverent style of visuals, humor and gameplay. Though OV had quite a few blokes in the playable roster of miscreants (including a couple of FUGLY ones), the spotlight certainly was on the game’s bevy of exceedingly sexy AND skanky female spikers.

Introducing the sexy and skanky barefoot babes of Outlaw Vollebyall!

These dubious divas included lap-dancing porn star Summer, tomahawk-wielding Native American Shawnee, hard-drinking biker chick Harley, British mosh-pit mobster Lizzy, empanada-chomping Puerto Rican Chica Chavez, psycho Flower Child Harvest, Soviet spy Natasha and saucy wise girl Donna Moroni. Each one was of course an irreverent stereotype, but also in their ways quite fetching and certainly exceedingly hot. I have to say, after a fashion, I found the OV girls as pleasing in their own way as the anime-generic DOA girls, if not more so because you know the OV girls may be kinda skanky, but they’re obviously fun and quite down-to-earth.
Best of all, while OV didn’t have the hundreds of bikinis as DOAX did, each girl did come with an assortment of skimpy outfits to slap balls in, and as a pleasure for foot fans, not a single trace of footwear was to be found anywhere. The character models of the OV girls are well-done and detailed, with a Shrek-ish style to them that was surely ahead of its time. Check out the vids below for tons of sexy intros and action from this hot barefoot babe classic!

Bad-ass Biker Chick Harley and Mafiosi Wise Girl Donna... they're my favorites!

The Flower Child and The Indian Hottie add cuteness with an edge.

Mosh-Pit Maven Lizzy and Puerto Rican Chica take center stage. Liz is another fave of mine. Why? Black-painted toenails.

Natasha's ready to launch some warheads. She's got some HOT suits... and big guns.

Easily the most provocative, Porn Star Summer is clearly NSFW. Love her!

These girls don't always play nice... which is pretty hot.

Donna gets a taste of her own medicine from Chica.

OV even had a Fighting mode... it wasn't very good, but at least it was there.

With it’s irreverent humor, overt sexiness and collection of hot barefoot babes provocatively animated all over the place, Outlaw Volleyball is one classic Xbox title that’s sure to be a gem in any foot-loving gamer's library. So, which one of the OV hotties would you fancy giving a foot massage to? Dibs on Harley and Donna! Heheh…


  1. much barefoot bikini awesomeness. Love the wide range of characters and personalities in this game...awesome post Sole Keeper!!

  2. Loving all of the pixelated videogame barefoot goodness-keep up the great work.