Saturday, January 15, 2011

Isabella (Kingdom Under Fire II)

Really, those high heels gotta go.

Fantasy RPGs are always a great place to look for beautiful barefoot babes. Elven hotties are usually very down-to-earth ladies who love to feel the living soil under their delicate feet (that scene with Galadriel in LOTR Fellowship of the Ring walking barefoot is a favorite of mine). Well, the Dark Elf beauty above apparently isn't of that care-free demeanor, at least not right now. Well, that's to be expected when she's headed into war. The babe above is apparently named Isabella, the alluring and powerful leader of the Drow in the upcoming fantasy slash 'em up sequel, Kingdom of Fire II. The artwork above is certainly amazing, and while she's not actually barefoot, those wonderfully peeky high heels she's wearing show so much of her feet I felt this was worth posting. Surely she would do a lot better in battle without those sandals on- for one thing, she'd move so much faster barefoot and her body would be continually revitalized and empowered by the constant contact of her soles to the mother earth. Oh, and every foot fan in the enemy army she encounters would doubtlessly surrender and change allegiances to her banner on sight of those perfect peds.

But I guess that wasn't to be- sadly, the KUF series is not known for barefoot babes, but for more conventional T & A and stilleto-heeled sexpots. Still, this is a gorgeous piece of art, and it doesn't take much imagination to make those unsightly straps vanish and picture Isabella's feet free and bare, and ready for worshipping. Anyway, enjoy the pic!


  1. Good news Sole! they've made a barefoot Sakura mod on SF4 PC version! check it out! If your PC is up to snuff, you may want to consider getting this and if you have time, learn to install mods.

  2. Wow, that's great news! Maybe they'll be able to do barefoot mods for all the babes. ^_^ Unfortunately I don't own a PC, so I'll just content myself with the SSFIV babes. Thanks for the update anyways, maybe I can post about it here on the blog soon.

  3. I'll be looking forward to that! I'll let you know if they make a barefoot Juri mod too. I hope if I ask politely enough, they'll consider it.

  4. Yo sole! you should check out vindictus.

    Its an action RPG with combos and barefoot


  5. It certainly looks awesome, Richfeet! I probably will have difficulty playing it- I'm on Mac, and it's for PC. However, it looks so good, I'll post about it at the very least. Thanks for pointing it out to me! ^__^

  6. Wow that dark elf looks really sexy. I'd definitely surrender to her right away too. Awesome picture Sole Keeper.