Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kratos' Barefoot Babes (God of War)

The God of War series is known more for it's titular hero, the bloodthirsty Spartan Warrior, Kratos, and his ability to turn any enemy stupid enough to stand in his way into bloody chunks. As stinkingly-sweaty-manly as this series is, it's not without hot babes. Most, if not all the babes in the game however are limited to the sexy harem dwellers who periodically appear in between battles who give Kratos loving and comfort in the infamous sex minigames. The CG cinematics however usually show that the babes in these harems are properly scantily-clad and best of all, barefoot.

Here's a particularly nice CG cutscene of Kratos with a bevy of sexy barefoot babes, with a nice (if somewhat painful) point of view look from a hapless cameraman. Yeah, he gets roughed up and thrown around, but at least he gets to see some sexy barefoot hotties lounging around. Nicely-rendered feet on these gorgeous ladies... perhaps we normal mortals may not have sexual powers like a god of war, but we certainly may give them pleasure with foot massages and worship on their silken soles and toes like no other! The clip below is actually from the recent Spike TV Videogame Awards 2010, a clip where Kratos 'accepts' (or non-accepts) his nomination for Character of the Year. Enjoy!

It's good to be the god of war, darn it.

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