Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year of Sole-Searching Begins!

Year Three here on Virtual Soles! Thanks to our readers and followers for staying on and sharing in the love. So, what do we have to look forward to in this year? I'll do my best to post more every month for starters. Aside from the usual babe-love articles from the best barefoot game vixens, I'm thinking to post footfan-friendly game reviews to give actual gamers here more of an idea of what the titles are that they may get interested in. Of course I'll be continually searching for more sexy soles in games, wherever I find 'em.

2011 has some promise. There's of course Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which should be an even more improved Tekken 6, with hopefully more babes to bare their feet for our pleasure. The arcade version will be out by Spring- hopefully the console versions won't be too far off. The new Soul Calibur is also in development, which hopefully we'll see a lot of during the year. Streetfighter X Tekken should be out in 2011 as well, though we have as yet to learn if there are any barefoot babes in the roster.
Then there's still always the hope that Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown comes out on some console- I'm constantly praying for this gem to finally come to our hands. Who knows... maybe this year will reward us.

Other titles may come from other genres. Maybe the new Tomb Raider game will allow us to have the younger Lara not just rebooted but de-booted. From adventures to hot shooters, RPGs and whatever, I'll do my best to check as many out to uncover our treasures of worship.

Anyway, 2010 was great, and from here can only get even better. I hope you all and more continue to join the search! There are soles to be found! Happy New Year!



  2. Here's a recommendation: The Witcher

    I think there's some barefoot babes in there as seen here:

  3. I had always thought that the appeal of this game was more for boobs than anything else. But that was a nice clip. Unfortunately it's also a PC game, which is not my forte. Too bad, the babes look really hot. Thanks!

  4. well if I ever come across any scenes I'll cap some for you. I am a very avid PC gamer so it's my forte.

  5. Happy New Year Sole Keeper,
    Here's hoping for a great year foot scene wise. :-D

  6. Happy New Year, KSC! I think it's gonna be great. ^_^ Let's all do our share to spread the love of sole! Hehehe