Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Leona Heidern: Barefoot Commando! (King of Fighters, Tekken 6)

This sexy soldier has never gone into battle barefoot... until now!

The King of Fighters series is home to many a hot game babe, though sadly nine times out of ten they're usually never seen barefoot... really, there's not one foot fan in the KOF dev't team! One of the hottest babes in this flagship SNK fighter is the lovely and lethal Leona Heidern, a fierce fighter known for her wild blue hair, lethal agility and killer skills. However, like many of the KOF babes, Leona has never been seen fighting without of her trademark combat boots... at least, not unti now! Given a special mission to eliminate several targets in hand-to-hand-and-foot combat, Leona enters into battle without her bulky, constricting footwear, ready to show off her hot and deadly toes and soles in action!

Of course, these vids aren't really from any existing KOF game, but from the ever-awesome Tekken 6. With the use of the game's Character Customization feature, I've recreated the blue-haired SNK battle-beauty with the also-lovely Asuka Kazama. Well, the hair is pretty much spot-on perfect, and Asuka's default P2 outfit, colored green, is a very close match to Leona's military uniforms. Of course, this would have been totally accurate if Asuka kept her boots on as well, but where would the pleasure be in that? So we have is pretty much Leona Heidern, barefoot for our pleasure- in fact, I would say our Leona is far and away better than she'd ever look in any real KOF game!

So enjoy the next few videos with our barefoot Leona in action and laying waste with her sexy feet!

Mission One: Crush the evil bald overlord beneath your heels!

Mission Two: Flatten this Man Mountain and make him kiss your soles!

Mission Three: Humble this Macho Bruiser and make him give you a pedicure!

Mission Four: Eliminate the Boss, Rugal Kazama, and make him grovel at your feet!

Final Mission: Kick that Big Chicken's Butt!

Of course, you win some, you lose some- in this case, Leona's gonna lose all consciousness. Time for a nap, soldier!

Leona's had a long day, so she's pretty much knocked out. So I need a brave volunteer who can give her lovely soles and toes the worship and pampering they deserve. You've got your mission, foot fan: Take Leona's sleeping feet in your hands and... well, do what you do best! Get to it, trooper!

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