Sunday, January 23, 2011

Misery (Onechanbara)

I didn't know Nightmare from Soul Calibur had a little sister...

The Onechanbara series from D3 Publisher of Japan is certainly quirky and weird, but there surely is something awesome about bikini-clad cowboy girls hacking zombies apart with a samurai sword. The unhinged-looking babe pictured above is the somewhat aptly-named Misery, often deadly Boss character in the games and occasional playable character. This mysterious cutie sports long white hair (a sure sign of being Eeh-vil in anime), demonic powers, a thirst for blood (Aya's and Saki's in particular), one of the nastiest-looking swords you'll ever see and, well, nicely enough, some conspicuously bare feet. Scary as her evil-filled eyes and prickly sword are, we can't help but have our eyes gravitate to her cute, little bare feet with their adorable black-painted toenails.
Hell, foot fans being the sort we are, we'll excuse Misery's occasional psychotic episodes and attempts to strike our heads from our shoulders (and elsewhere...) as long as she allows us the opportunity to calm her distress with a comforting, soothing foot massage. Perhaps giving her soles loving strokes and each toe gentle tugs and twists will lull her to a peaceful sleep and afterwards, a sunnier disposition. Or it may just cause her to just flay our skin from our bones. Hey, you never know till you try!

Players will get to play a bit with Misery, who's a playable character (and the only barefoot babe by default in the game) in the upcoming Onechanbara Special for the PSP. You can also encounter Misery in other Oneechanbara games on Xbox360 and Wii (though she's not always playable). For now, enjoy the scary but sexy art above!

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  1. Wow...foot fans would definitely be at this girl's mercy. ^_^; Only a hot barefoot babe can simultaneous creep me out and make me attracted to her at the same time. Awesome post Sole Keeper. ^_^