Monday, January 3, 2011

Bikinis Banned in Tekken Tag 2?

It seems like Pai Chan, Sarah Bryant and the rest of the VF Girls won't be getting any competition in the fighting genre's Swimsuit Category anytime soon. Recently on Twitter, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada responded to a Tekken fan's question whether the girls would receive bikini costumes in the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The answer, disappointingly, was a pretty solid 'NO'. Now, I wasn't really expecting Tekken to go this route, even if the recent infusion of fan service in Sega's Virtua Fighter may have signaled a new level of fan service for 'serious' fighting games. Apparently, Tekken is still 'sacred' to some degree.

This doesn't mean of course that the game will not have it's share of sex appeal- while bikinis per se may not be coming, there are usually sexy outfits available to the female characters that are just as hot, if not hotter, than straight swimwear. Of course, bikinis are awesome but in the end, the most important to us here of course is basic barefoot customization. With Character Customization already confirmed in the game, I'm hoping that this time around at least all the girls get the option to go shoeless, aside from those who already had it in Tekken 6.

That said, I guess this just makes it more imperative that we all keep praying and hoping for a console port of Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown to get our barefoot bikini babe fix on our PS3's and Xbox360's. Another title that will hopefully yield lingerie-clad lasses is the new Soul Calibur, as long as the Character Creation feature remains intact. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that everything turns out for the best in the end, people. Later then!


  1. NOOOOOOO!!!! :(

    I don't really care that much about bikinis. I'm just really hoping that TTT2 gets some barefoot babes! Tekken 6 was such a godsend, it would just be so sooooo sad if Nina, Lili, Asuka, etc. lost their barefoot customization options. :( If Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has the option to make any female character barefoot, however, (especially that new luchadora!) it will be THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!

  2. I know this is off topic but, is their anyway to take screenshots on ssf4 on xbox360. i hope so, cuz i really want to see some ibuki and juri sole shots.

  3. @Shrimpaholic: I share your sentiment indeed- even without bikini outfits, TTT2 will satisfy us so long as the babes get barefoot customization. Hopefully Zafina, Julia and Anna get on board the shoeless train this time around, and hopefully luchadore girl proves to be a barefoot-able hottie as well (I think she is). I have to admit though, I really wanted bikinis or swimsuits, but in the end barefoot is the priority and hopefully it will return better than ever in Tekken Tag 2.

    @Anonymous: Sorry, I have no idea of any built-in function to get screenshots of SSFIV in Xbox360.

  4. Oh that's too bad :-( Nina, Asuka or Jun in a bikini would have been jawdropping to see. *Keeps fingers crossed that barefoot customization will be back and better than ever in the new game*

  5. I would've liked bikinis too, but if we get barefoot customization for (hopefully) all females, I'm happy. Also, here's a few sole worthy gems from the newly aired anime "Kore Wa Zombie Desu?"

  6. Even if there aren't any bikinis for TTT2 (supposedly), I'm really excited for the new luchadore babe, whose name is apparently Jaycee or JC. It's now almost certain she's Julia Chang (JC!), which means that she may finally get barefoot customization since, well, wrestlers and bare feet usually go together (all the other wrestlers in the game have barefoot customization). Being a flashy, sexy luchadore almost also ensures she'll have hotter outfits than when she was 'old' Julia. This is really awesome! ^_^ I can't wait to find out more.