Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Off-Topic: No Strings Attached Poster

As the post title says, this is a bit off-topic from my usual articles about virtual soles, but it's still about hot, deliciously sexy babe feet... in this case, the utterly lovely toes and soles of the gorgeous Natalie Portman. If you're a bit of a movie fan like me, you'll know that one of the upcoming movies with the former Padme Amidala is No Strings Attached, a sex comedy pairing Miss Portman with Ashton Kutcher. Now, our attention now goes to the sexy poster for this movie, which you can see just below. Of course, foot fans will surely notice the travesty that has occured here.

How DARE you cover those toes with offending type! BAD art director! BAD!!!

Yep- the poster's layout artist surely did the world of foot fandom wrong by allowing Natalie's feet to be covered up by the title text. What the hell was he thinking? "Gosh, I guess the title text can go over Natalie's feet- it's not like anyone would want to see them..." What an outrage! Hot, lovely toes lost forever by bad type placement. This was always on my mind whenever I saw the poster. I thought constantly, what a waste!

Thankfully though, today I went over to the trailer site and LO! I thought my eyes were deceiving me but it was true- there was now a new version of the poster, thankfully with the evil offending text finally placed away from Natalie's beautiful toes, setting them free for everyone to ogle and gaze at to their heart's content.

Better. Much better.

Perhaps a foot fan phoned the poster production house and alerted them to this mistake, or perhaps there was one well-placed who saw the affront and was able to have it remedied. Sadly, there are many, many bad early versions of the poster online, but for the ones who care (us), we can find the version that has us in mind. Now, whether this film turns to be a hit or a bomb, it really doesn't matter- at least the poster's already a big hit. Okay, back to blogging about virtual feet and soles then...


  1. Heh heh talk about pet peeves...I'm just glad there's a version of the poster that gives you the full view of her. Great post Sole Keeper. Natalie is hot!!

  2. Indeed, a truly irritating thing this was! I really think though that they re-laid out the poster in order to show off Nat's toes. There's no other reason... ^_^