Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fiona, Barefoot Adventurer! (Mabinogi Heroes/Vindictus)

Beautiful, bikini-clad, barefoot... and ready to fight!

Fantasy worlds are full of danger and death at every turn... but that's no problem for hot barefoot babes in bikinis, apparently! This is such the case with the lovely Fiona, one of the many gorgeous female adventurers in the Korean fantasy MMO Mabinogi Heroes. Like many MMORPGs, this game allows players to customize and outfit their characters to their heart's desire... even if that desire calls for as little clothing and no footwear at all. Right up our alley! Mabinogi Heros is cool thanks to the anime-esque art style and detailed character models (which makes World of Warcraft look positively kiddie), as well as sexy females to dress up and dungeon-crawl with. Sadly, this game is only on PC, which excludes me from playing it. However, I was able to find several videos from a player whose fashion sense is made to please us. So enjoy the four vids below chock full of hot barefoot bikini babe action!

Who needs armor? Bikinis do fine!

Who needs a Sword+5 when you have Perfect 10 feet?

There are more barefoot bikini babes here than in a Baywatch episode!

Nice detailed character models with lovely, fleshy soles are sure to please!

For such a ferocious warrior, Fiona has a radiantly sunny smile.

This game was pointed to me by avid reader and fellow footfan richfeet. Thanks! This is really a gem of a barefoot babe game. At least if you can't play it, we can enjoy watching it at least in the vids above (they're in HD as well!). Barefoot and Bikini Customization FTW! Heheh...

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  1. Wow..she's hot!! Bare feet and a bikini. The best possible outfit to explore the world in for any female adventurer. :-D