Thursday, February 24, 2011

Real-life MMA Babes Virtualized! (Supremacy MMA)

The lovely Felice Herrig shows she can hang with the big boys.

Some of the best games to find hot, barefoot babes in are fighting games- in fact, Tekken 6 and SoulCalibur IV are my two all-time faves and must-have titles. Too bad there aren't more of them, and it takes a long time for sequels to be made. Also barefoot fighting game babes aren't that many- even if many martial arts are practiced barefoot, attire of fighting game babes doesn't always take that into account and clothing (and footwear) is dictated by character design. The result, more flash and style than going barefoot... sigh (thanks be the Character Customization). On the other hand, there are the sports-action martial arts fighters- particularly the MMA games- that are often produced quickly every year it seems. These MMA games are based on real-life fighting circuits, and for the most part follow the realistic attire of cage fighting- basically minimal, and usually fighters go barefoot. The trouble is, most MMA games only have male fighters, which basically spoils them for us. I mean, what's the point of seeing realistically-rendered feet if they're GUY FEET- foot fan kryptonite!

But at long last, here's Supremacy MMA, a real-world cage fighting title that bucks that men-only rule and adds in some scrappy, tough-looking but still lovely ladies into the mix. Two trailers revealing real-life MMA beauties Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez have been released, letting gamers know this is a game with a bit of a difference. The footage of the actual game in the trailers seems a bit rough and the frame rate is choppy, and the character models seem determined to make the girls look leathery-tough. Still, the final game should look and move better, and you have to appreciate that the in-game feet should look pretty realistic. Oh, and I just have to love how Felice Herrig's outfit is even skimpier than most actual mainstream fighting game babe's outfits are... gotta love that skirt thing. Heh...

With hot, real-life martial arts babes getting in on the action in this MMA sports title, I am indeed going to check out Supremacy MMA when it comes out. It's certainly not my usual kind of fighting game with the ultra-realistic style of action (blood and damage on my babes isn't a plus!!!) but this is something that any foot fan should at least check out. The game is out in June for Xbox360 and Playstation 3. For now, check out the trailers for some kick-ass martial arts hotties!

How will these babes compare to 'real' fighting game babes?


  1. Maybe they'll have a create a fighter mode? One can dream right? I'd love to make a girl in a GI

  2. *drool* barefoot fighting girls *drool* love it

  3. As much as I hate guy feet, I can typically suppress enough to still have fun even in games that have no barefoot babes.

  4. Great to see some real life female Martial Artist feet get some attention. Powerful feet definitely rule. ^_^