Thursday, February 17, 2011

Miss Midnight: Getting My Feet Wet in Gotham (DC Universe Online, PS3)

Crushing Brainiac can wait… for now, Gotham is in Miss Midnight’s sights.

The adventures of my own original barefoot femme fatale supervillainess continues! When we last left the lovely and lethal Miss Midnight, she had just escaped from Brainiac’s starship and found a nice lace to cool her heels in the criminal underworld safe house known as The Tap Room. But of course, hanging around doing nothing save make some foot-loving thugs’ mouths water as she teases them with her perfect feet is pretty boring for Mistress M., so in a flash she was padding off on a mission of mayhem for The Joker in Gotham City.

Watch Miss Midnight grind Gotham's Finest under her heel (lucky bastards).

So what does this goth enchantress and gun-kata genius do to get started in the big, wide world of the DCU? Well, destroying public property, beating up pesky law enforcers, freeing captured mobsters and then bribing rookie cops, that’s what! It doesn’t take long for Midnight to rack up a pretty high body count, as well as acquire for the Falcone Mob their own private unit inside the Gotham Police Force (who also moonlight as her own personal footstools).

Heck, don’t take my word for it- watch our leather-clad assassin babe run, leap, shoot and kick her way through her second outing in DCU Online yourself. Enjoy!

Gotham City is now the new stomping grounds for The Barefoot Assassin.

Hah! Gotham City’s a cakewalk (Mmm... icing all over Miss Midnight's toes..) so far, but Miss Midnight is getting a bit big for her non-existent boots. It’s only a matter of time before some heroes show up to make things a bit hot. What’s gonna happen next in the Midnight Trail?



  1. Wow...I'm loving this character...Miss Midnight totally rules. :-D Really makes one want to have a career in law enforcement so they could wind up at this villainess's feet. ^_^ Anyway, really awesome entry Sole Keeper!!

  2. Thanks, KSC! I myself am totally enjoying both playing DCUO both to just have fun AND keep this character's story going.

    Oh, and I'm really so glad I gave her a 'Serious' personality, which gives her such a cool and sexy walk. Hot Chick's 'Flirty' personality makes her walk like a ditz, dammit. Oh well...

  3. Wow totally hot! Cant wait for more barefoot adventures! 8D