Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tekken 6 Barefoot Babe Gallery

A fellow footfan on the Youtube Channel shared these nice, sexy pics of several of the Tekken 6 babes, so check 'em out. It's truly a wonderful thing to have such lovely and kick-ass ladies ready to bare their soles for you. Heheh...

Asuka's always a crowd-pleaser.

Lili's dressed to kill in these pics.

Perfect, petite robot babe feet. Mmm...

While Asuka and Lili are my mains and usually my faves, I think Alisa out-cutes them all here. She just looks so innocent and lovely when she's barefoot... and then she chops you into meatballs with her chainsaws. Ouch! Anyway, thanks to OlgerthHeidern666 for the pics!


  1. Ahh barefoot customisation is just great! Ive been making the girls barefoot in my games for a long while. It all started with one of my wrestling games on PS1. Every girl wrestler i made was barefoot. Even today I make barefoot female wrestlers in the newest wrestling games. 8D

  2. Wow I love the customization options in this game. ^_^ Wow...Alisa, Asuka and Lili all barefoot in the same post. I seriously need a cold shower.