Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Streetfighter High End Credit Fight Scenes

Remember Streetfighter High? It was the pretty cool fan-made series of comedic online shorts based on the Capcom fighting game. It featured pretty faithful costumes and inspired casting- which of course featured some pretty attractive babes, several of whom were game enough to bare their soles just like their in-game counterparts. The film's end credits featured some nicely-choreographed fight scenes featuring a couple of the film's hot barefoot femme fatales- Monique Kim as Makoto and Jennifer Zang as Juri. I think you'll agree both of these lovely performers not only look great in costume, they perform their fight scenes excellently. The only problem was, the fight scenes were scrunched up in a tiny portion of the screen in the film, and hasn't been available in full screen... till now!

Live-action barefoot videogame babes fight it out!

Thankfully the full-screen fight scenes were uploaded by wmagno, who directed the action sequences. Too bad they're not in HD, but they're clear enough to enjoy the action and the lovely ladies' hot feet. Enjoy!

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  1. O_O Wow so awesome to see those ending credit scenes in full screen. They really did a great job with the choreography and those female street fighter cosplayers are massively hot. ^_^ The closeup on Juri's soles in particular was really spectacular to see. ^_^ Thanks very much for this Sole Keeper.