Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sexy CG Giantess' Feet

Just a quick update here. We all know beautiful barefoot giantesses are awesome- GTS are part of the foot fan circle of preference. Sadly, there aren't that many out there to enjoy, but when they pop up, WOW! Here's one such gem I found on Youtube some time ago, and I just had to share it. It's sadly far too short, but oh, so kissably sweet. The detail on the giant babe's sexy bod and her amazingly hot feet and soles as they come ever so closer and closer... just perfect. Man, I could watch this vid over and over and over and over. Check it out... and enjoy!

Imagine what you would do to such gigantic, gorgeous feet...

Too bad the creator, X-Virus, doesn't have much more of these hot barefoot GTS vids, but here's one more vid- an early test for the finished vid above. Check it out as well.

Don't you just love technology?


  1. Wow that is so hot!! Giant CG female feet are definitely massively awesome. ^_^ I could watch these videos over and over again as well. :-D Great post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. Indeed, KSC. If only there was a foot fan around here who can do awesome graphics and animationto make vids like these to our heart's content. Really, there just isn't enough good quality barefoot GTS around. It's a tragedy. ^__^ For now though, I guess we can enjoy finds like these.

  3. Wow i would love to be her toe ring! 8D