Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finally Got to Watch Tangled!

Adorably cute and beautiful, effortlessly hot, courageous, has perfect feet... Best. Disney Princess. Ever!

After many months of waiting, pining and more waiting, I finally got to see the movie Tangled. I saw it in a theater, in 3D, and certainly this is the best way to see it for the first time. I have to say, my being a foot fan aside, the movie is truly an adorable watch- This is easily one of the most beautiful animated films I've yet seen. The storytelling is modern, but make no mistake- this is not a pop-culture mash-up like the Shrek films- this is a classic Disney Fairy Tale, through and through. Rapunzel is a wonderful, gorgeous heroine that you can easily fall for the moment you see her, and you only love her a lot more as you watch her in her adventures. In terms of physical performance, personality, humor and drama, she's certainly the best Disney heroine in my book.
Okay, now to business. Yes, indeed, the lovely Rapunzel stays barefoot for pretty much the entire movie- you literally won't see her wearing shoes, apart from a pair of brushes strapped to her feet for cleaning the floor of the tower (worn for about a couple of seconds). From the moment you first see 18-year old Rapunzel, she's THE footfan's ultimate animated goddess.

While the movie's featurettes highlight the animation of her hair, really it's Rapunzel's FEET that have to be given due interest. Given how realistic and lifelike they are, you wonder how they developed animating them. They are surely the most lifelike, realistic and detailed bare feet EVER in an animated film. And thankfully, the movie does not try to hide Rapunzel's feet at all- you see them pretty much every time she's onscreen, and are without a doubt integral to her character- not since Disney's Tarzan have feet been so expressive and important to a character's personality.

I guess we have the movie's villain, Mother Gothel, to thank since apparently it's all part of her ploys to keep Rapunzel imprisoned that she never gave her any shoes- however, thankfully that didn't stop our barefoot heroine from stepping out of the tower to adventure.

Mother Gothel can apparently be thanked for Rapunzel's lack of footwear.

There are several highlight points throughout the film that are memorable for me. These include:The moment where Rapunzel first leaves the tower- the moment where she tip toes onto the grass and spreads her toes is magical, as well as the part where she rolls on the grass and steps into a stream. Towards the middle of the film, after a major action setpiece, Rapunzel confesses part of her past, leading to a gorgeous extreme closeup of her feet (with some nice toe movement) which will surely have footfans getting envious of a certain chameleon.

Wouldn't you love to be that grass right now?

The best, closest view in the movie and one darn lucky chameleon...

Tangled is truly a must-see, awesome film. Not just for footfans, but for movie fans in general. However, we will surely value this film's aesthetics more than most. I can't wait for the Blu-ray release... surely one film that's a MUST for the collection.


  1. Wow...the film looks so awesome...desperately want to see it. ^_^ That really is an incredibly lucky chameleon

  2. No doubt about it, one (or more :)) of the production team must be foot fetishist/s. There has never been any production, even in video games that ever payed that much attention on animating the feet:) Lovely. When the blu-ray comes out it will be even more so since then I could just skip and pause on all the good stuff!

  3. It's still is theatres? I'll check it out hopefully. I hope to make art like this someday

  4. Heheh... just a little bit of trivia.

    Apparently Quentin Tarantino has said that Tangled is one of his top 5 films in 2010.

    Not surprising given that Mr. T. is a very well known foot fan himself... heheh... ^_^

  5. All I can say now is torrent the movie now (You at least bought a ticket :) ) and cap away :D.