Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unleashing Miss Midnight: Barefoot Super Villainess! (DC Universe Online)

Meet Anita Carver AKA Miss Midnight, my barefoot super-vixen in DCU Online!

I'm having quite a lot of fun with in DC Universe Online, the superhero-themed MMORPG. I've already introduced you all to my first avatar in this interactive comic book world, the lovely and fiery Hot Chick. Well, goaded by a viewer's suggestion, I went on and created my second character for DCUO. This new barefoot babe however is about as different from my Flaming Super-Spiker as Night is from Day. Whereas Hot Chick is lively, vivacious, a fighter for justice and almost as scantily-clad as a bikini model, my new goddess is a creature of the night. A darkly enchanting Goth beauty, at home in the shadows, cloaked in smooth, black leather. Her heart is cold and deathly still, yet her eyes gleam with malevolent fury. She's a psychic superninja, a deadly mistress of gun-kata and a peerless hunter in the darkness. Her name is Miss Midnight!

Creating a hot, barefoot Goth superninja and gun-kata warrior was never this easy!

A former special operative attached to Checkmate, a world-spanning secret organization, Anita Carver was at the top of her game, rivaling the skills of even the renowned Sasha Bordeaux. Indeed, it took literally an entire army to finally bring her down... almost. On the verge of death from blood loss, Anita was suddenly yanked back to the world of the living by the powers showered down throughout the Earth by the Future Lex Luthor. When she awoke, her senses were razor-keen, in fact, she could sense the heartbeat of individual creatures from the ground, through the soles of her feet. Her skin was pale as moonlight, her body now a semi-living weapon of total mayhem. Rising from Brainiac's prison, Anita- now calling herself Miss Midnight- decided to be a merciless weapon dealing out death to all she deems unfit to live! Heroes and villains alike, beware!

Lovely, lovely views are guaranteed when playing with a hot, barefoot supervillainess.

I have to admit, I am having a LOT of fun with Miss Midnight. For starters, she's amazingly hot. There's just something incredibly cool and sexy about the long black leather trenchcoat... perhaps it's the way it teasingly waves about, letting Midnight's pale, smooth calves and ankles peek through as she walks- no, glides- about. And man, does she have a sexy walk. Like a dark, more bad-ass version of Lara Croft (it must be the dual pistols). While Miss Midnight can't fly, she has superhuman agility and acrobatic powers, allowing her to cover ground on foot with the speed of a race car, her smooth, bare soles carrying her over any terrain, and even up vertical surfaces. How powerful must those perfect legs be, to allow her to leap distances like some human missile.

Brainiac's mechanical minions are no match for the lethal mistress of gun-kata!

The next video has Midnight hanging out in the villain safe house known as 'The Tap Room', where she can rest, lay low, equip with the deadliest new weapons, get contracts and jobs, or just put her feet up and have some lackey give them a well-deserved massage (villainy has got its perks!). It doesn't have much action, but damn if it isn't just awesome enough to just watch this stunning femme fatale walk sexily around on her silent bare feet!

This is only the beginning... Miss Midnight is thirsting for BLOOD.

I'm having tons of fun both playing and watching my new vixen kick ass and look amazing doing it. Rest assured, there will be more of her adventures to come. TO BE CONTINUED!

Off to find some poor devils to crush beneath her feet...


  1. Oh man...she is hot!! Goth villainesses totally rock. Would love to be one of her lackeys. :-D Awesome customization Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. Thanks, KSC! I am indeed quite proud of my dark, barefoot assassin... she turned out awesome. ^__^ Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to lackeying... heheh...

  3. Ah evil barefoot girls are great. Lucky Sole Keeper getting to be her lackey! XD Oh hi new follower by the way. >_>

  4. Welcome to the blog, GenEX_Jade! Hope you stay and enjoy more barefoot babeness to come. ^_^