Friday, January 29, 2010

Madison Page Famitsu Gameplay Video (Heavy Rain)

For all of us here who were dazzled by the hot but decidedly low-quality cam vid of Heavy Rain's sexy protagonist, Madison Page fighting off masked assailants in her apartment while barefoot and in her underwear, here's an awesome treat. It's a direct-line video of the Madison apartment sequence, running for a lengthy 7+ minutes and including a lot of sexy voyeuristic gameplay leading to the tense action scene. That pretty much means more barefoot and underwear-clad Madison than we've ever seen ever all these months. Best-rendered videogame feet ever? Most definitely. Strangely even if we see her nicely-animated and rendered soles and toes so clearly now, what I particularly love is the sound of her feet as she walks- her soles sound so soft and smooth. Heh.

The only wrinkle is that, well, it's all in Japanese, since the vid is care of Japan's Famitsu. Man, you can just imagine how hot barefoot Madison will be in full HD, on your LCD TVs. Hotness only the PS3 can give, heheh.

The game is out in late February. Looks like a definite buy for me. Madison is one awesome barefoot videogame babe. For now though, enjoy the video!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Juri Anime!

WOW! Super Streetfighter IV isn't even out yet, but already Taekwondo Mistress Juri Han is already slated to come out in resin statuette form care of Sota Toys, and now, she's also set to make an anime debut courtesy of world-renowned animation studio, GONZO! The kick-fighting vixen is the central character in an upcoming anime feature that has been exclusively made for release along with the Xbox360 version of Super Streetfighter IV. Here's the hot, action-packed trailer full of wickedly sexy barefoot dominatrix action.

Juri should be getting a LOT of screen time, as she takes on Chun-li, Guile and Cammy in various fights- so she's sure to show off a lot of her sexy, deadly feet. But as formidable and seemingly invincible Juri appears to be though, she's sure to get taken down eventually (surely anyone who sends Chun-li to the hospital is ultimately destined for righteous comeuppance). But I'm sure this is just the beginning for a long career of sexy barefoot butt-kicking for this killer Korean. The anime will debut along with the game in late April. For now, enjoy the trailer and dream of long, lethal, purple-tipped toes...

UPDATE: Here's the anime trailer with English dubbing, so you can all finally find out what the heck's everyone's saying. Heheh. The voice acting is fine- Juri's voice is pretty sexy- perhaps a bit too sexy. But what the heck. If you've got XboxLive, you can download the English SSFIV anime trailer free. For now though, enjoy!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dead or Alive Paradise Trailer

A small army of barefoot bikini babes, frolicking around on a tropical island, showing off their hot, jiggly bodies and soft, kissable bare toes and soles. And they're yours, whenever you want, wherever you want. That's what Tecmo's Dead or Alive Paradise is promising, this coming March. And here's the trailer!

Well, the spot is actually mostly rehashed footage from the DOAX2 trailer years ago, but it's still kinda cool. Paradise will supposedly be lighter on the beach volleyball aspects of the game, but still have all the minigames, gambling, shopping, gift-giving and girl-watching fun of the console versions... plus a new babe named Rio. She's not from any DOA title, but apparently a mascot from Tecmo's gambling games. Strangely though she looks a bit more anime-esque which makes her stand out a bit from the rest of the girls (and not in a particularly good way). But hey... the more the merrier. Anyway, just how much fun there's to be had here above all the eye candy remains to be seen, but if at least Paradise gives us at least as detailed feet as the console originals, it'll be a game worth getting for foot fans. I'll be sure to check it out when it comes out in a couple of months.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Juri Han Figurine

The sexy assassin in resin.

Some nice news about Super Streetfighter IV's new barefoot babe. Even though she's still a total newbie, TKD temptress Juri Han is getting the figurine treatment. Sota Toys, makers of fine action figures (including an awesome Ibuki figure) will be putting out a beautiful resin statue of the femme fatale. As you can see from the pics of an early prototype, Juri has been given a wonderful kicking pose- the better to show off her sexy soles and perfectly-painted toenals. It's like she's allowing us to have a nice, close look at her best assets. What a nice girl!

Nice view.

Side boob, check. Toenail polish, check. Cow hair, check...

This vixen certainly has star quality.

I would actually have preferred an action figure instead of a statue- that way I can do lots of kick-ass poses with Juri and the other Sota SF babes, particularly Ibuki. Anyway, this is still a treat for foot AND fighting game fans. There's so far no news yet when the actual figure is coming out, but that's fine. From the pics, I agree with some other comments that while Sota got her body and pose right, her face needs a bit more work on the detail and painting- she doesn't look nasty or wicked enough. I hope the designers get it down right in the end- she should be hot but you should be able to see the 'You're gonna serve as my foot stool when I'm through with you' expression on her face. Here's hoping that the figure comes out soon after Juri graces our TVs when Super Streetfighter IV comes out in a few months.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tekken Live-action Movie Trailer

Here's the first real trailer to the upcoming live-action Tekken movie. It certainly looks the part of a film based on a fighting game- and that's not really a good thing. But well, all things taken together, this is shaping up to be better at least than last year's totally worthless Chun-Li movie. You've got at least several characters looking like they do in the actual game, lots of action and best of all... a barefoot babe kicking butt!

Yep, you can see a shoeless Christie Monteiro in action fighting Nina towards the latter end of the trailer. Hopefully she stays barefoot for a prolonged time, or at least gives us nice sole shots. I doubt we'll be seeing any other babe bare her feet, sadly- aside from Christie, the only other Tekken females confirmed and known to be in the movie are Anna and Nina Williams (both of who seem to be Mishima Zaibatsu flunkies who will probably stay booted, and in their repective red and purple outfits for the duration) and Jun Kazama (who appears in flashback). Chiaki Kuriyama as Ling Xiaoyu was a hoax, no Asuka or Lili either, nor Zafina or Alisa. I guess it's squarely Christie's time to shine in this one as Jin's love interest.

Anyway, for now enjoy the trailer and look forward to hopefully a decent game-to-film adaptation.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Madison Page Apartment Attack (Heavy Rain)

One of the hot upcoming games I'm eagerly anticipating is the Interactive SkineMax movie, Heavy Rain for the Playstation 3. To be honest though- mature storyline and intriguing new gameplay elements aside, the reason why I'm so pumped for this game is the prospect of seeing virtual hottie Madison Page show off a lot of CG skin. And of course, while most are awaiting her go topless, us foot fans are of course waiting to see her bare her sexy feet. In one particularly sexy action scene, Madison is attacked by several masked assailants right in her apartment- all while she's just in her underwear and, of course, bare feet. So far this scene has only been seen in bits and fragments... until now.

Running for more than a minute, the clip shows off quite a bit of the frantic action and the awesome detail on Madison's character model- with what appears to be the most detailed and realistic in-game bare feet yet in a videogame. Nicely, we're given some AWESOME sole shots (and more) as she scrambles about and tussles with her attackers. Despite being a cam-shot vid, the gorgeousness of this game is quite plain to see... I can't wait to see this sequence in it's entirety in HD, on my own TV.

Of course, there's still many uncertainties. How interactive IS the game? Will this sequence be the only time Madison shows off her perfect peds, or will there be other times where she goes shoeless? Will it be worth getting the full game or just waiting for posted vids online? Well, so far I think I may invest in this game- just the quality of Miss Page's virtual feet is worth the price of admission... everything else is gravy. Heheh. For now though, enjoy this small taste.

I have to say thought that as sexy as the action was, I wish they didn't have to give Madison that bloody lip at the end- bruises on babes just doesn't do it for me. Anyway, foot fans should surely want to defend this courageous hottie and give her pampering, not punches, particularly for her succulently sexy toes and soles. The game's out this coming February.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tati (Rise of the Kasai)

The deadlysexy Tati, barefoot assassin babe extraordinaire.

Sexy female assassins are great. Sexy barefoot female assassins are to die for. Well, that's certainly on offer here, with the lethalicious Tati from the stealth-action hack-and-slash PS2 game Rise of the Kasai. The sequel to The Mark of Kri, this title was known for it's designs based on Polynesian Tribes, Disney-esque art style and animations, and some exceptionally wicked action and violence. Literally, Kasai was Disney meets Conan. A strange but awesome mix, indeed! In the original Mark of Kri, Tati made an appearance as the bratty little 10-year old sister to main hero Rau. In Rise of the Kasai however, she has blossomed into a smolderingly hot, 20-year old emo warrior babe with a dark chip on her sexy shoulders.

As you can see above in her full-body portrait, Tati is both lovely and fierce, scantily-clad and barefoot so as to better to infiltrate enemy strongholds and assassinate every sentry in sight. Not a goody two-shoes by any stretch, Tati was described as being a bit sadistic, relishing her kills, in contrast to her more honorable and disciplined older brother. Heck, she was supposed to be a bit of a slut who slept around a lot. But perhaps this destructive and nasty streak in Tati was caused primarily by her being cursed with tattoos of dark magic. While these Marks gave Tati powers like the ability to become invisible or see through the eyes of the dead; in return, they continually tried to corrupt her and tempted her to turn completely to the dark side.

Well, surely the true heroine in Tati would ultimately prevail, though I dare say that even without her inner darkness Tati would still be one kick-ass barefoot assassin babe any foot fan would readily surrender to. Imagine her silently slipping into your chamber, quietly moving on the tips of her long, perfect toes, then standing over you, her foot triumphantly on your chest. Surely, we'd readily give this hottie kisses on each of her toes and massages on her smooth soles. Then maybe she'd spare our lives and perhaps allow us to serve as her humble footservants.

For a PS2 game, Tati's in-game model sports some nice detail and some incredibly smooth animations.

Several unlockable outfits are available for Tati, including an extra-sexy 'Evil' outfit...

That's gotta hurt... Tati's surely got a mean streak.

Here's a cool cutscene from the game and a nice intro for our barefooted heroine...

Here's a video showing off Tati's stealthy and sexy animations as she infiltrates an enemy citadel, her barefooted silence claiming foolish sentries aplenty. Man, this babe doesn't hold back at all, doesn't she?

Gladly, the game isn't all about stealth- there are unlockable arenas where you can just take Tati (with Rau) and just let loose your killing skills on waves of brutish foes. Check out this sexy action and ryona clip in the arena, with Tati both dishing out punishment and taking some sexy KOs as well.

And just as you thought Tati couldn't get any sexier, one of her unlockable outfits is even skimpier than her regular, already-sexy look. Her 'Evil' costume is little more than a mask, thong bikini (what a nice view from the back!) and body tattoos! Check out the following Arena action and ryona vid for Tati in sexy action in her darker, sexier look.

This incomparable beauty is one of my all-time favorite barefoot gamebabes, and just for her it's well worth chasing down a copy of Rise of the Kasai if you can find it. For now though, enjoy the videos and art, and let Tati's perfect, silent bare feet dance and creep up in your thoughts and dreams.

Death never looked this hot.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Best Barefoot Babe Videogames of 2009

My first (and last) poll of 2009 showed off some nice results on what videogames readers saw as the best title for barefoot babes.

Tekken 6 at first place got 42% of the votes, and was a pretty no-brainer winner. For starters, it was the newest game in the poll (even if the console versions were based on an arcade game that had been out for at least a year and a half) and consequently had the best graphics and animation, as well as a host of barefoot-able hotties (by customization) who could kick ass and looked amazingly luscious while at it. The quality of the graphics in Tekken 6 easily make Asuka's and company's bare feet the most kissable and sexy in-game bare toes and soles yet seen in a game. Detailed toes and toenails, fleshy soles, arches, sexy calves and ankles... the works! Surely Tekken 6 will be a permanent fixture on my PS3 (or Xbox360s for other gamers) from now on. Here's looking to the future, and perhaps Tekken 7..?

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 came in at second place with 11% of the votes. This sexy vacation game on Xbox360 surely wasn't lacking in hot, bikini-clad babes, given that it gave us the whole female cast of DOA. TONS of sexy cutscenes or gravure cinemas, a vast selection of scandalous swimsuits and a slew of hot babes made up for the game's flaws- the need to grind for hours in an often frustrating game of relationships and gifting to open up all the girls to the sexiest swimsuits and scenes and the relatively less-advanced quality of the girls' character models and feet compared to more recent games. Still, where else can you get barefoot, bikini-clad kick-ass supermodels to dance for your pleasure? I'm looking forward to the portable version of this series in a few months.

Streetfighter III Third Strike comes in at third place with 10% of the votes. Most surely the one streetfighter game that favors foot fans thanks to the inclusion of not one but three barefoot cuties in the roster- adorable ninja Ibuki, karate tomboy Makoto and leggy Capoeira princess Elena. Thankfully this title is readily found for the PS2 or Dreamcast- hopefully a version will eventually be available for download on PS3 or Xboxlive. Fingers crossed, we'll be seeing both Ibuki and Makoto in the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV.

Sharing fourth place at 9% of the votes each are Soulcalibur IV and Tomb Raider Underworld. Namco's latest blades-and-babes game is nothing short of awesome, with a huge selection of sexy femme fatales to undress down to their skimpy underwear. But as gorgeous as the game is overall, the quality of the girls' in-game feet pale in comparison to those in Tekken 6 and Virtua Fighter 5R. That little nitpick aside though this is still easily the best game for awesomely hot barefoot babes other than Tekken 6 you can get on a console, with endless hours of intense fighting action. Meanwhile, Lara Croft's latest adventure sees the classic heroine at her sexiest, with her latest character model having quite lovely and kissably detailed feet that you can ogle for hours as she runs around caverns and ruins, getting more grimy (and sexy) as she goes. The Xbox360 version is the one to get, since it has DLC for sexier swimsuits available, as well as further adventures for the barefoot adventuress to pad through.

Bringing up the rear is Virtua Fighter 5R, which with only 6% of votes comes in at last place, losing to 'Other' games (which got 8%). Sadly, while VF5R certainly has a hot bevy of babes who can now be customized to show off their perfectly delicious toes and soles for players' enjoyment, the game is only available in Japanese arcades. No one outside of Sega of Japan knows if we'll ever see a home port. Even worse, stuff like the sexy character intros most probably won't make it to consoles. Still, for the possibility of having barefoot Pai, Sarah, Aoi, Eileen and Vanessa on our TV screens, we'll keep waiting, even if it's for VF6.

I'll surely try to post more about the various games and babes from this poll in future posts, and surely feature the girls of Dead or Alive (which I amazingly neglected to post about last year). This first poll was quite fun so expect more polls to come every month. Later then!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Janine (The Real Ghostbusters)

Okay! My first post for the year is a retro-clip from the classic cartoon, The Real Ghostbusters. This awesome series was one of the really few titles that improved on the original source material- particularly on some fan service. While in the live movies, Janine Melnitz was pretty understated (but really, actress Annie Potts was actually quite fetching), the cartoon version was a hot and sexy redhead, a megane beauty indeed. Well, Miss Melnitz actually got to show off her bikini body in the episode Devil from the Deep, where a heat wave prompted Janine to show up at work in just her swimsuit. Nicely enough, she shows off some nice sole shots as well. It's easy to see though that none of the Ghostbusters were foot guys. Surely us foot fans would probably be glued to Janine's desk, giving her foot massages all day in between ghost alerts. So check out the cool clip below and enjoy this first bit for 2010!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking forward to Another Soleful Year...

Man, time moves fast. It's a New Year, and first and foremost I'd like to thank my friends and followers here on the blog for making my first year of footblogging quite a fun experience.

It's been a wonderful year thanks to the arrival of Tekken 6, which is far and away the best game to get for the hottest barefoot babes in gaming. That said, there are quite a lot of games and included babes which I incredibly wasn't able to cover in 2009, so that's a lot to look forward to in the weeks and months to come. We've got several titles to look forward to in 2010...

Super Streetfighter IV. Capcom's 3D fighting sequel is due out in Spring, perhaps in April. With barefoot bombshell Juri already in, this is, at this point, a must-get already. But this hot title is set to get even hotter with the inclusion of even more barefoot babes in the form of Streetfighter 3's Ibuki and Makoto. I'm keeping my eyes peeled on this one.

Heavy Rain. Just recently posted about, this sexy thriller has mature elements off the bat- including nudity which thankfully includes bare feet care of hot virtual reporter Madison Page.

Dead or Alive Paradise. 2009 was disappointing in terms of barefoot babe games for the PSP, but Tecmo's port of their DOAX titles to the portable may rectify this. Bikinis, babes and bare feet, in your pocket all the time. Awesome.

Virtua Fighter 5R. No, there hasn't been any confirmation or word yet of any console release, but I'm including this as a continued hope that Sega gets off their asses and give us this hot fighter, complete with barefoot female fighters aplenty, to the home. Crossing fingers then.

For my New Year's resolution I guess I will try to post more and better, and more consistently. More vids, more babes and more games as I can find them. 2010 should be another great time for our never-ending hunt for shoeless muses to enjoy. Once more, thanks to everyone for following Virtual Soles, and here's to months more of polygon ped pampering!