Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sylvia Christel (No More Heroes)

A femme fatale sure to get you wagging your beam katana in no time.

From the quirky Suda-15 game No More Heroes on the Wii comes this Japanese-Ukrainian temptress. Sylvia Christel was the catalyst that set off anti-hero Travis Touchdown on his quest to become the Number 1 Assassin. It was the prospect of getting to 'do it' with this gorgeous blonde that led the player into battle against one maniacal opponent after another. Sad to say for all her entendres and teasings Sylvia never played footsie with Travis. I'm really not sure though if Travis is a foot fan anyway. Of course if it were any of us here, all it would take would be for this lady to allow us to smell, kiss, lick and touch her perfect feet, from her delicate toes with their flawlessly-manicured nails to her silky smooth soles.

Fortunately we do get a short, but nice, view of Sylvia's bare feet in one cutscene, set in a sandy (and somewhat blood-drenched) beach. Enjoy!

Despite the odd 'No More Sequel' message in the game's ending, there is of course a new NMH game coming, and this femme fatale is returning along with Travis for another round of mayhem-filled gameplay. Here's to her showing off more of her hot feet then!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kagura the Wind-user (Inu Yasha)

Inu Yasha's barefoot wind goddess steps into the spotlight.

Now this post is loooooong overdue, since surely, Kagura, the kimono-clad wind-user from Inu Yasha, is my absolute favorite barefoot anime babe. What's not to love? She's certainly a vision made perfectly for foot fans, with an elegant design that has her clothed almost totally in intricate, lavish kimonos, leaving only her delicious feet bare. Heck, the first you see of her are her hot, beautiful bare feet, walking tantalizingly towards the camera with sexy, soft-footed steps. And really, pretty much every time Kagura appears you're almost certain of sexy foot shots since the animators clearly love drawing Kagura's feet in wonderful closeups... I'd go as far as saying they're probably the most-seen, most photogenic feet in anime!

But her appeal extends far beyond simple her simple physical beauty- her personality is awesome; a strong, forceful and independent-minded woman. She's got awesome powers and she kicks butt, and her personal story is very engaging to follow. Sadly, she meets her end in the manga (a fate she will probably share in the anime if it is ever continued), but it was a gloriously poignant death scene, which surely gave the true wild spirit within a chance to be free.

Even though she goes everywhere barefoot, you can imagine that Kagura's feet are surely as flawless, soft, smooth and kissable as her stunning face. Foot fans will surely love this gorgeous barefoot vixen to pieces, and I myself will personally pleasure Kagura with long foot massages and warm kisses on each and every tasty toe and all over both her beautiful soles. What I'd give to be that damn giant feather she rests her feet on everytime she flies!

Anyway, with images of this Kagura dangling her feet teasingly before your face, enjoy this lengthy tribute video featuring pretty much all of Kagura's best foot scenes in the Inu Yasha anime.

Kagura, the barefoot goddess of winds, will always be in my dreams...

Ulala (Space Channel 9)

Ulala... dance-stepping, ray-blasting heroine... now barefoot babe?

From the cult-favorite Space Channel 5 comes the long-legged Ulala space news reporter to show off her sexy feet for her many fans. Of course, it's actually Virtua Fighter 5R's normally-blonde Sarah Bryant sporting some of the latest customizations in Version B of the arcade fighter- pretty much a complete Ulala outfit, down to her jet pack and ray guns. She even comes complete with an awesome win animation that you just gotta see. But thankfully though for us barefoot fans, the player left out Ulala's trademark go-go boots. Awesome!

All this, plus it's a pretty sexy match in any case. Yet another tantalizing tease for us to hope for an eventual VF5R console port. Let's all keep hoping, people! For now though... enjoy the awesome barefoot match as Ulala Sarah kicks butt.

From battling aliens to cocky older brothers...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Agents of Atlas

Action, intrigue, great art... and two hot barefoot babes!

This is a bit of a different kind of post- no vids or much in the way of pics. This is just a recommendation of a comic book title I am currently enjoying. It's called Agents of Atlas, from Marvel Comics. Basically it's about a gang of heroes from the 50s who have been reunited in the current villain-dominated Marvel Universe. Their main schtick is that they're posing as villains too, pretending to work with the bad guys while in reality working against them for the greater good. Cool, eh? Anyway, why did I post about it here? Well, simply because both of the team's two female members are hot, sexy barefoot babes! The first is Namora, an Atlantean warrior princess (and the Submariner's cousin) who flies around kicking butt in basically just a wetsuit and her bare feet. The other is Venus, a mysterious temptress who looks like the mythical goddess of love... so she's always dressed in a sexy toga outfit and barefoot.

To be honest, there haven't been huge or awesome closeups of either babes' feet in the so far released issues (most are from Namora, while glimpses of Venus' feet are rare but nice), but really, there aren't that many comic titles around (as far as I know) with barefoot babes as regular characters, so this is probably something foot fans who like comics may be interested in. In any case, the book has great art, smart writing, cool action-packed storylines and quite a lot of potential for sexy barefoot action aplenty. So if you pass by a comic store, check out Agents of Atlas!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poison Ivy (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

Poison Ivy: This barefoot femme fatale is set to bloom on your consoles.

Here's another comic book character-to-animated form that will have barefoot fans jumping for joy. The latest trailer for Batman: Arkham Asylum has revealed that Dr. Pamela Isely AKA Poison Ivy is one of the villains Batman will have to deal with in the game. The sultry, sexy and botanically-attuned eco-terrorist has had many designs and changes come over her through the years, but fortunately the Eidos developers have chosen the best look for Ivy in the game- that of barefoot nature goddess. And man... as you can see in the trailer... she's HOT! It's great how the first time you see her the camera is down at her feet. Again, love the sound of her bare soles on the floor.

All I can hope is that you actually take Ivy on herself instead of having to deal with plant monsters all the time. In any case, I'm sure Ivy's the game's major source of sex appeal, so she should have nice exposure in the game. Ivy may be scary and amoral, and her lips are supposedly heavy with deadly venom. So us foot fans are lucky in that we prefer to plant our kisses on her flawless feet instead... heheh.

Man, this game just shot up into my list of wanted titles coming out later this year. I can't wait! I'll be sure to post more from this babe when I actually have the game.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wonder Woman

Barefoot Amazon Awesomeness.

Okay, I think that DC Comics' Amazon Warrior Princess doesn't need much introduction. However, this comic book heroine hasn't really been known for going barefoot, whether it's on her native Amazon Island or on duty in her red-white-and-blue bikini costume. But that changed with the recent Wonder Woman Animated Movie. Aside from being an excellently-animated, kick-ass (with surprisingly edgy, no-holds-barred action and violence) and sexy full-length feature, the movie's centerpiece (for foot fans, at least) is the awesome battle between Diana and the monstrous warrior Deimos. Wonder Woman fights this whole epic duel barefoot, with lots of sexy kicks and even an awesome POV foot stomp! I especially love the sound of Diana's bare soles on the floor as she runs... instant classic!

I wouldn't exactly put this fight scene on equal level with the Chun Li vs Vega fight, but it comes darn close. Wonderful, and it just lets us realize that behind this iconic heroine, there's still a hot babe with sexy feet worth worshipping. Check the video out below for barefoot Amazon action!

Just for this sexy fight scene, I think this movie's well worth picking up, but it's overall an awesome animated action romp that's a keeper.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sarah Bryant (Virtua Fighter)

Sarah Bryant: Barefoot Blonde Bombshell.

She's hot and sexy, blonde and suffering from frequent memory loss. Yeah, the amnesiac blonde femme fatale may be a cliche in fighting games, but Virtua Fighter's Sarah Bryant has an excuse- she was THE original, kicking butt way back in the original VF. Experimented on by the mysterious and evil Judgement Six organization, Sarah is constantly struggling between confusion (and consequently putting herself at odds with her brother, Jacky) and a compulsion to fight. The more she fights in the VF Tournament, the more she remembers. And so, with both Jacky and her part-time bodyguard Vanessa Lewis on her tail, this hot babe shows off her fighting legs for all the world to enjoy.

Though she may be stricken with amnesia every now and then, Sarah definitely knows she's hot. You can see it in her sexy stances, her confident win poses and teasing personality. Foot fans have been dreaming of seeing her awesome legs out of her trademark boots for years, and now, FINALLY, she's showing off her legs, feet, soles and toes thanks to barefoot customization in the so-far arcade-only Virtua Fighter 5R.

And surely, barefoot fans cannot get enough of this sizzling vixen in action, long legs and perfect feet bare and simply dazzling. Sarah's wardrobe in VF5R consists of dresses which are little more than nighties, and some hot numbers that just show off her hot bod perfectly. Her kick-heavy style has her throwing her feet up at her opponents (lucky bastards) multiple times to batter them into submission. One move even has her waving her foot tantalizingly in front of her opponent's face... sexy! And surely, Sarah has the simple distinction of having the single most SEXY intro animation for foot fans- where she stamps her foot onto the camera and grinds her utterly kissable, delicious toes and soles with yummy gusto... awesome.

This dominant diva is without a doubt one of the hottest babes in gaming, and going barefoot in VF5R ups her hotness to white-hot levels. Surely, any foot fan would love to service Sarah with foot rubs or massages, just for the pleasure of touching those lethal, lovely feet. Me, I'd be happy to just let her do her hot stomp-and-grind intro on me over and over all day. Now, before we all lose ourselves in the image of Sarah's feet pressing softly into our faces, check out the videos below.

Here's a lengthy KO ryona compilation with the sexy Sarah shown in sexy knockouts and hot intros.

Here's some hot action with Sarah in hot pants fighting against another barefoot VF babe, Eileen.

Here's barefoot Sarah in action against the brutal newcomer, Jean Kujo.

More sizzling Sarah in action against the ladies' man, Brad Burns.

Barefoot Sarah takes on a non-barefoot doppelganger...

Sarah takes on her occasional bodyguard, Vanessa Lewis.

This new match is baiscally a squash, with barefoot Sarah jobbing off to Wolf... hot KOs though!

Sarah 'Stomp and Grind' Intro was made with barefoot fans in mind.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kurenai (Sengoku 3)

Short sword, check. Sexy outfit, check. Exposed toes... double check!

Just a quickie here. You can never have enough barefoot ninja girls, and certainly Kurenai here fits the bill. Hailing from SNK's arcade brawler Sengoku 3, Kurenai is one of several warriors tasked with defeating an evil plot against the kingdom, in this case not by sneaking around but by brazenly taking out every enemy standing in the way to the Final Boss. Pretty standard Final Fight stuff, but who cares when you have such a cute girl with nice, sexy toes like her?

Sadly, the actual game doesn't give us anywhere near a good view of Kurenai's pretty feet as the portrait, as the view is basically just a zoomed-out sidescroller throughout. Still, it's nice to see Kurenai in actual in-game action as you imagine playing with her long,lovely toes.

Anyway, just a nice little intermission till the next big feature, I guess. Heheh...

Kurenai in action.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eileen (Virtua Fighter)

Eileen: Barefoot monkey-style ROCKS!

Making her debut in Virtua Fighter 5 is the uber-cute Eileen. This peppy 15-year old circus troupe member's story is pretty funny- she's an absolute fan girl of the previously-featured Pai Chan, and thus entered the World Fighting Tournament in order to meet her idol... that's about it. Well, nothing-storyline aside, I'm totally happy with this new entrant into the VF crew. Certainly the first moment I heard about a monkey-style kung-fu girl, I thought- she must have barefoot customization as a matter of course! But no... the closest we have to that are beach sandals... and while they do give a nice look at Eileen's feet, she's not barefoot. Thankfully though, this travesty has been rectified in Virtua Fighter 5R, and now, along with all the rest of the girls, Eileen can fight barefoot, the way a real monkey-style fighter should.

Eileen is pretty awesome, and I just love watching her teasing, cute and petite bare feet in action. Her fighting style is endearingly playful but quite effective and powerful, and her moves are just awesome... I love it when she runs all over her opponent, cute feet pressing against their faces or rapping about on their shoulders. Man, this little cutie can rest her soles on my face anyday.

Any barefoot fan should totally love this little whirlwind of energy with her cute and beautiful feet, her adorable little toes and utterly kissable soles. Jailbait age aside, her refreshingly youthful beauty and funny, playful personality make her irresistible. You can just imagine her waving her soles in your face, wiggling her ten little piggies tantalizingly. Awesome! Now, before you go monkey-mad with images of Eileen's perfect feet, check out these vids!

Here's a long and lovely KO ryona compilation with Eileen, showing off her best intros and sexy knockouts.

Next up is a real treat- TWO barefoot Eileens in action!

Here's a pretty new match vid, with Eileen taking on a very bald Akira...

Finally, here's a blonde Eileen in action against Sarah. Eileen's in my favorite outfit- her default circus costume, without the boots. It's just so sexy how the capri-length pants give such nice focus on her sexy bare feet.

So let's all keep waiting and hoping for our perfect console port of Virtua Fighter 5R... so we can have barefoot Eileen as much as we want!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Pai Chan (Virtua Fighter)

Delicious barefoot Pai... best served hot.

Sega's Virtua Fighter series is surely one of the pillars of the fighting game genre, and this long-running franchise is home to a bevy of hot game babes. It was only recently though that the VF girls finally began showing off their perfect peds for gamers and foot fans to enjoy, with the latest (and sadly so far arcade-only) VIrtua Fighter 5R. But now that they can, it seems that matches with the hot babes throwing off their shoes and kicking butt barefoot are everywhere. Of all the hotties in VF, I have to say that my absolute favorite is without a doubt Hong Kong actress and Master of the Blue Sparrow Fist, Pai Chan. If Asuka Kazama is my absolute fave in Tekken, well... Pai Chan does it for me in Virtua Fighter... and seeing as how Pai has always been my avatar of choice (her lovely and lethal soles always headed tantalizingly into our faces), this post is long overdue.

What makes Pai so hot for me? Surely if you're looking for obvious sex appeal, you'd go for the blonde bombshell Sarah Bryant (don't worry, we'll get to her eventually). But Pai is just so much more alluring, so much more beautiful and wonderful to watch. Perhaps it's her delicate Asian grace and enchanting beauty in her slim, athletic body. Perhaps it's her movie star/princess-like quality. Her elegant, beautiful fighting style- given to so many lovely, panty-flashing kicks- certainly doesn't hurt. Of all the girls, Pai seems to be the one who aims her sexy feet and soles right into the camera for the most wonderful sole shots. Pai's beauty truly blooms in the arena, as her perfect techniques, dazzling speed and skilled feet bring down opponents far larger than herself.

Perhaps it's the simple reason that Pai just looks so wonderfully fresh and vibrant, from head to toe. Whatever the exact reason, I've been a fan of Pai since the first VF, and I've been dreaming of seeing her bare feet all these years. And now in VF5R, my expectations of how beautiful her feet are have been blown away. I find myself staring at her in every match, enraptured. I imagine her feet are things of amazing beauty- flawless shape, slender ankles and heels, long and graceful toes, smooth and firm soles. I find myself imagining how good they smell and feel in my hands. And I don't want to just give her a massage or a foot rub- I want this celestial maiden's toes in my mouth, to lick her soles from end to end. Truly, Pai's feet must be incredibly delicious. I admit it. I'm a Pai Addict.

We can only hope that Sega finds it eventually in their hearts to give us fans a perfect home conversion of VF5R, so we can have barefoot Pai- surely any foot fans' dream star- in the comfort of our homes, whenever we want. Till that day, we can only enjoy the vids posted online of our barefoot star in action. Check out these choice match vids and see the barefoot perfection that is Pai Chan.

Here's a special KO ryona compilation vid starring our one-and-only VF action starlet.

Here's a sexy, recent match from VF5R's new 'Version B', with some nice new animations to old moves. In particular, check out the nice, hot throw at 1:05. Of course, Pai's in her sexy new grass skirt (new to VF5R), which just gives us such nice, teasing views with every wonderful high kick.

Here's an exceptionally sexy match with Pai facing off against another hot barefoot VF babe, Aoi Umenokouji.

Pai's barefoot and blonde in this cool fight with luchadore El Blaze.

Till VF5R comes to consoles, I'll continue to watch and wait for my Pai to come home...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Asuka Kazama (Tekken)

Asuka Kazama. Heroine of Destiny, Barefoot Babe Par Excellence.

In Tekken 6, a game with international supermodel assassins, kung fu geniuses and killer androids, it's quite amazing to see what appears to be an ordinary Japanese teenager, someone you could probably see walking around a street in Tokyo on any given day, mixing it up with all these fantastic femme fatales. But then, Asuka Kazama isn't really 'just' an ordinary girl. Of course, we all know that, as a member of the Kazama bloodline, she's got a great destiny in store for her. She's a holy maiden of great power, a guardian against evil forces that seek to wipe out all humanity. But of course, she's not aware of all that stuff... all she knows is that she's very good at kicking butt, and she loves doing it regularly.

Asuka is, of course, an example of a cool female archetype in games and anime- the Beautiful Martial Arts Tomboy. Like Hitomi (Dead or Alive) and Akane Tendo (Ranma 1/2), Asuka was born a girl in a man's role, being the only child and heir to a dojo with a long-standing history or tradition. Asuka fought all her life to live up to being her father's child, becoming the strongest fighter in the Kazama dojo. But her lust for combat extends beyond the school- even in her free time, Asuka is a bit of a vigilante, using her skills to 'solve other people's problems, usually by knockout'. And of course, in Tekken 6, she's out to solve the whole world's biggest problem, by knocking out her cousin and current CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jin Kazama.

Asuka is, needless to say, obviously amazingly HOT. She's hot for her cool and sometimes comical personality. She's hot because of her tough attitude, seen in her tomboyish intro stances. She's hot because of her zeal for combat and her confidence in her powerful skills. She benefited the most in the graphical transition to Tekken 6. While she was already pretty in Tekken 5, in Tekken 6 she became so much more realistic and life-like, almost like a real person. Perhaps it's best that it is only now, in Tekken 6, where graphics can finally render Asuka's body to do justice to her beauty, that we can now enjoy her sexy bare legs and feet. Probably more than any other girl in Tekken, going barefoot just fits Asuka perfectly. Whether in her traditional martial arts gi and hakamas (and if you like her instep guards on or off), her school uniforms, her new Feudal Era costumes, casual wear or her sexy Matsuri vest and sarashi shorts. Whatever the look, it just gets hotter when Asuka goes shoeless, showing off her strong thighs, calves, ankles and feet off to the admiring world... and of course we fans can't get enough of this beautiful barefoot heroine kicking butt and looking awesome doing it.

I have to say I'm quite biased to Asuka- she's my main fighter in Tekken, and I'm certainly looking forward to playing with her and customizing her with the coolest and hottest outfits in Tekken 6 on consoles. I just love everything about her, from head to toe- her voice, her heavy Kansai accent, her sexy intros and win poses, her powerful and effective fighting style... I even like her cute KO screams. But really, any barefoot fan should love this adorable, fighting tomboy, for the simple reason that she has the most realistic-looking feet of all the girls in Tekken 6.
Perhaps venturing to offer her a foot massage or a rub may result in comical punches and screams of "Hentai! Hentai!" but perhaps after a hard fight... probably one where she ends lying out cold on the ground- even this spunky heroine may welcome a fan's pampering of her sexy soles and toes.

And with images of Asuka's lovely, unconscious bare feet snug in your hands as she naps before the next fight, check out these vids of our lovely Kazama babe in action!

Here's a video showing off all of Asuka's Win Animations, each of which demonstrates her cool confidence.

Here's Asuka in action in Bloodline Rebellion, in her sexy Matsuri vest and cloth shorts... an outfit which just is so much hotter when you leave her legs and feet bare.

Here's one of my fave BR match vids with Asuka fighting barefoot in the snow, which I find so hot. Also, check out the nice slow-mo KO replay at the end. Just don't mind the weird pink hair...

Here's Asuka in a sexy, barefoot Feudal Era-type outfit, in action against Anna Williams. I just love those miko hakamas!

Here's Asuka barefoot in her default P1 outfit, getting knocked out and laid unconscious by Zafina. I just LOVE Asuka barefoot in her hakamas- the pants give such nice focus on her sexy ankles, calves and feet.

Asuka shows she can be just as hard on herself as she is on other opponents...

Here's a lengthy KO ryona vid with Asuka barefoot in her sexy gi top and sarashi (cloth shorts) combo outfit.

Game over... but only for now!

I'll be dreaming of this barefoot beauty as we move closer to Fall 2009...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Velvet Assassin

Okay, here are some videos of World War II femme fatale Violetta Summers in barefoot action. We all know that over the course of the game your heroine can enter Morphine Mode, which is a kind of Bullet Time effect that lets you take out Nazis easier, and also teasingly dresses up Violet in her sexy nightie and bare feet for a brief time. But if you want to see Violet in her barefoot get-up permanently, you're gonna have to slog through a majority of the missions first.

So to save us all a bit of work, here are several vids of our barefoot femme fatale in lots of stealthy Nazi-killing. I particularly love the sexy sound of Violet's bare soles pattering on the floor. If you're planning to buy and play the game, perhaps you may opt to skip this for now. Though the overall depressing atmosphere of the title is making me a bit reluctant, I'll most probably get the game eventually. Anyway, the pale and lovely Violet is indeed one hot barefoot game babe worth seeing in action. If the gameplay shown looks good to you, then perhaps this title is indeed worth looking more into.

Here's the start of the Hospital Stage, "Fade to Grey".

Vioiet's barefoot romp continues...

Exiting the hospital and into the final stage. But Violet will stay barefoot to the end of the game, which I won't post here. Play it, if you wish, or go watch the vids as you wish.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Lili Rochefort (Tekken)

Lili: Tekken's Leggy, Lethal Lolita.

Now, here's one of my current absolute favorite barefoot game babes. Ever since she made her debut in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Emily Rochefort AKA Lili has become one of the most popular females in a roster filled with hot fighting femme fatales. An oil magnate's daughter, this teen dream from Monaco found her true calling- that of a down-and-dirty fighter- after a botched kidnapping where she kicked her attackers' asses all by herself. Lili's sheer princess-like beauty, supermodel-like height, grace and poise, Jailbait Lolita appeal and her unique and effective fighting style have captured the hearts of gamers and otaku everywhere. That and her propensity for flashy panty shots in her P2 dress. And so it was with total pleasure that Namco-Bandai's Tekken team gave barefoot fans what they've surely been dreaming of ever since Lili first appeared in Tekken 5DR... the ability to GET THOSE DAMN BOOTS OFF. Tekken 6 barefoot customization lets us have Miss Rochefort show off her bare legs and feet to the world- and surely, they're meant to be seen as much as humanly possible.

This awesome pic was the first image from Tekken 6 that confirmed Barefoot Customization in the game. and surely got countless barefoot fans jumping for joy.

Anyway, one thing easily noticed about Miss Rochefort is her impressive height. She's NOT a small girl. Aside from being the youngest fighter in the roster at 16 or 17, she's also among the tallest, towering over many of the guys and all of the other girls. As a result, her feet are naturally... not petite. I'm not sure about her shoe size, but she may be a Size 10 at least... well, her feet are definitely a Perfect 10 in any case- her long and lovely legs and feet are surely impeccably groomed. That said, I'm sure that given her unflappable personality and confidence, Lili is surely the type to throw off her go-go boots and fight barefoot if it suited her, getting her bare soles dirty (Sebastian will be there to give her a nice foot bath, lucky old coot).

The best part is, Lili should be very appreciative of fans' attention and offers of adoration- she'd most probably accept any offer of foot massages or rubs to pamper her bare toes and soles. In fact, I'd say that she'd think it only proper! Man, imagine Lili's feet in your hands- long delicate toes tipped with pearly nails, heels and soles as smooth as silk. Now, before you lose yourself in those images, enjoy these vids!

As far as I know, this is the first ever barefoot Lili video, showing off some of her moves in sexy slow-mo.

Here's Lili taking down Nina (another barefoot Tekken hottie) using her sexy Punch Counter. Also check out her awesome sole shot in the win pose afterwards. Lil's soles... heavenly.

Here's Lili showing off one of her flashiest moves- her sexy Wall Throw- on her rival, Asuka Kazama.

Lili plays the sleeping beauty as she gets knocked unconscious and laid out by Zafina in this KO ryona video.

Here's another KO ryona vid, with Lili in her P1 corset-and-pants outfit.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Seung Mina (Soulcalibur IV)

Seung Mina's Ending in Soulcalibur IV, bikini-edition.

Ever since the original Soul Edge in the arcades and the later PSX version, I've been dying to see one of the babes' feet in particular. And that babe is Seung Mina (or Seong Mi-na), the adventurous and formidable halberd-wielding daughter of martial arts master Han Myong. Her costumes have always been sexy and she's always shown off a healthy bit of leg... but always she has kept us in suspense by wearing goofy booties or some other irritating footwear over her pretty peds. Well, all things come to those who wait, and we've waited four games to finally get a gander at Mi-Na's bare toes and soles in Soulcalibur IV. Of course, they're quite worth it. Mi-Na's gorgeous, perfect and powerful feet are the crowning glory on an incredibly hot bod that just doesn't quit. Any foot fan need only look at her, dressed down to show off her best parts, to be mesmerized by her beauty. This babe's feet deserve to be worshipped and pampered, appreciated and serviced.