Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Eileen (Virtua Fighter)

Eileen: Barefoot monkey-style ROCKS!

Making her debut in Virtua Fighter 5 is the uber-cute Eileen. This peppy 15-year old circus troupe member's story is pretty funny- she's an absolute fan girl of the previously-featured Pai Chan, and thus entered the World Fighting Tournament in order to meet her idol... that's about it. Well, nothing-storyline aside, I'm totally happy with this new entrant into the VF crew. Certainly the first moment I heard about a monkey-style kung-fu girl, I thought- she must have barefoot customization as a matter of course! But no... the closest we have to that are beach sandals... and while they do give a nice look at Eileen's feet, she's not barefoot. Thankfully though, this travesty has been rectified in Virtua Fighter 5R, and now, along with all the rest of the girls, Eileen can fight barefoot, the way a real monkey-style fighter should.

Eileen is pretty awesome, and I just love watching her teasing, cute and petite bare feet in action. Her fighting style is endearingly playful but quite effective and powerful, and her moves are just awesome... I love it when she runs all over her opponent, cute feet pressing against their faces or rapping about on their shoulders. Man, this little cutie can rest her soles on my face anyday.

Any barefoot fan should totally love this little whirlwind of energy with her cute and beautiful feet, her adorable little toes and utterly kissable soles. Jailbait age aside, her refreshingly youthful beauty and funny, playful personality make her irresistible. You can just imagine her waving her soles in your face, wiggling her ten little piggies tantalizingly. Awesome! Now, before you go monkey-mad with images of Eileen's perfect feet, check out these vids!

Here's a long and lovely KO ryona compilation with Eileen, showing off her best intros and sexy knockouts.

Next up is a real treat- TWO barefoot Eileens in action!

Here's a pretty new match vid, with Eileen taking on a very bald Akira...

Finally, here's a blonde Eileen in action against Sarah. Eileen's in my favorite outfit- her default circus costume, without the boots. It's just so sexy how the capri-length pants give such nice focus on her sexy bare feet.

So let's all keep waiting and hoping for our perfect console port of Virtua Fighter 5R... so we can have barefoot Eileen as much as we want!


  1. Love Eileen. thanks so much sole i adore her. about what you said about the guys showing more skin, I think its because if they make the girls too revealing they would have to make the game mature for partial nudity or something. The good thing about VF5R is almost all the fighters have really short shorts and some of them have sexy shirt outfits so you'll see more skin. hoping it comes out in fall when tekken 6 comes out

  2. Glad you like the post, Sutsena. I really like Eileen a lot- she's pretty awesome and damn cute, and so much more so barefoot.

    But have you seen how almost naked the darn guys can get in VF5R??? I mean, we're talking nothing but those Japanese-style rag briefs! I mean, I'm quite happy with Pai's sexy grass skirt or Aoi's kimonos (yummy) but damn... it's creepy to have the guys even more skimpily dressed... and oily and sweaty too... eee... ^_^

  3. Well, I think most players are using those skimpy undies for the guys for comic relief. Cheap humor, for sure, but whatev. Either that or they're fans of Baki the Grappler.

    Anyway, another great post. Eileen is bundle of fun, and I'm really looking to 5R as her custom items in the original were a little lacking. I'll agree with your comment about the capris. Always great to get a little calf in there with the bare feet.

  4. I wouldn't mind playing with Eileen's cute feet. Good post, Sole Keeper. :)

  5. I remember when I heard they were adding a monkey style kung fu character to the virtua fighter I was really psyched. That style really fun. Eileen is incredibly cute as well. The idea of her waving her soles in your face is definitely a tantalizing image. Awesome Sole Keeper.

  6. What song was used in the Eileen Knockouts video?