Friday, May 22, 2009

Agents of Atlas

Action, intrigue, great art... and two hot barefoot babes!

This is a bit of a different kind of post- no vids or much in the way of pics. This is just a recommendation of a comic book title I am currently enjoying. It's called Agents of Atlas, from Marvel Comics. Basically it's about a gang of heroes from the 50s who have been reunited in the current villain-dominated Marvel Universe. Their main schtick is that they're posing as villains too, pretending to work with the bad guys while in reality working against them for the greater good. Cool, eh? Anyway, why did I post about it here? Well, simply because both of the team's two female members are hot, sexy barefoot babes! The first is Namora, an Atlantean warrior princess (and the Submariner's cousin) who flies around kicking butt in basically just a wetsuit and her bare feet. The other is Venus, a mysterious temptress who looks like the mythical goddess of love... so she's always dressed in a sexy toga outfit and barefoot.

To be honest, there haven't been huge or awesome closeups of either babes' feet in the so far released issues (most are from Namora, while glimpses of Venus' feet are rare but nice), but really, there aren't that many comic titles around (as far as I know) with barefoot babes as regular characters, so this is probably something foot fans who like comics may be interested in. In any case, the book has great art, smart writing, cool action-packed storylines and quite a lot of potential for sexy barefoot action aplenty. So if you pass by a comic store, check out Agents of Atlas!


  1. This looks hot. Barefoot heroines rock. I'll have to check this comic out. I'll have to check this series out. Nice post Sole Keeper!!

  2. Agents of Atlas just got a new reader. I did a little research on the series after reading this and it sounds pretty cool. I was a fan of Jimmy Woo from the old Marvel Godzilla comics, and Gorilla-Man looks hilarious...

    And Namora. :D I guess that Venus chick could be pretty cool, too. Sadly it seems she wore shoes in her previous incarnations (at least in the last Agents of Atlas series... judging from the pics on Wikipedia), but what the hey.

    Good find.

  3. less comic soles more virtual soles!