Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wonder Woman

Barefoot Amazon Awesomeness.

Okay, I think that DC Comics' Amazon Warrior Princess doesn't need much introduction. However, this comic book heroine hasn't really been known for going barefoot, whether it's on her native Amazon Island or on duty in her red-white-and-blue bikini costume. But that changed with the recent Wonder Woman Animated Movie. Aside from being an excellently-animated, kick-ass (with surprisingly edgy, no-holds-barred action and violence) and sexy full-length feature, the movie's centerpiece (for foot fans, at least) is the awesome battle between Diana and the monstrous warrior Deimos. Wonder Woman fights this whole epic duel barefoot, with lots of sexy kicks and even an awesome POV foot stomp! I especially love the sound of Diana's bare soles on the floor as she runs... instant classic!

I wouldn't exactly put this fight scene on equal level with the Chun Li vs Vega fight, but it comes darn close. Wonderful, and it just lets us realize that behind this iconic heroine, there's still a hot babe with sexy feet worth worshipping. Check the video out below for barefoot Amazon action!

Just for this sexy fight scene, I think this movie's well worth picking up, but it's overall an awesome animated action romp that's a keeper.


  1. w00t! You got the clip!

    I was....most pleased....when I first saw this clip. Being a hardcore Wonder Woman fan, I couldn't believe it. The movie as a whole is incredible and worth a purchase with several viewings.

    Her soles are so beautiful and strong. Fighting barefoot isn't common for her(as far as I know) so this was quite a treat.

    I love how she casually looks at the high heel, then throws it away, as if she's saying

    "I don't need this"

    XD Of course you don't, your feet are yummy Diana! And you know it. ^_^

    Thanks for the upload!

  2. wow barefoot wonder woman

    the is 2nd on my epic barefoot battles. 1st is

    chunli of course.

  3. Hot!!!! This is one of my favorite fight scenes too. Wonder Woman totally rocks!! Great post Sole Keeper!! ^_^

  4. This is totally an awesome anime fight, and it's truly a pleasure for us that Diana kicks off her shoes and fights barefoot throughout. I really don't think it's a throw-away thing... it's really a significant part of the whole sequence that she's shoeless. It's really sexy and I think that someone on the production (perhaps the writer? heheh) is a foot fan for making this as great and awesome as it is. Defintely one of my all-time faves.

  5. Wonder Woman should go barefoot more often in the comics-so far, I've seen Supergirl, Wonder Girl, Starfire, Stargirl, and even Raven go barefoot-but not Wonder Woman. Shame.

    Come on, DC, give us some foot love from the Amazon Princess!

  6. In my twisted little universe, wonder woman is always barefoot, wears shin guards that match her bracelets and derives her power from eating cum!