Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sylvia Christel (No More Heroes)

A femme fatale sure to get you wagging your beam katana in no time.

From the quirky Suda-15 game No More Heroes on the Wii comes this Japanese-Ukrainian temptress. Sylvia Christel was the catalyst that set off anti-hero Travis Touchdown on his quest to become the Number 1 Assassin. It was the prospect of getting to 'do it' with this gorgeous blonde that led the player into battle against one maniacal opponent after another. Sad to say for all her entendres and teasings Sylvia never played footsie with Travis. I'm really not sure though if Travis is a foot fan anyway. Of course if it were any of us here, all it would take would be for this lady to allow us to smell, kiss, lick and touch her perfect feet, from her delicate toes with their flawlessly-manicured nails to her silky smooth soles.

Fortunately we do get a short, but nice, view of Sylvia's bare feet in one cutscene, set in a sandy (and somewhat blood-drenched) beach. Enjoy!

Despite the odd 'No More Sequel' message in the game's ending, there is of course a new NMH game coming, and this femme fatale is returning along with Travis for another round of mayhem-filled gameplay. Here's to her showing off more of her hot feet then!


  1. "A femme fatale sure to get you wagging your beam katana in no time."

    I get it. Ha Ha Ha.

    But on another note, I'm glad I'm not the only one who agrees with this woman. I'm a fan of the game too. Good post, Sole Keeper. :)

  2. O_O Wow gorgeous woman. She's definitely quite the temptress. ^_^

  3. In No More Heroes 2, there is going to be a cut scene with her getting a foot massage, as seen at :35 seconds on this clip: