Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sarah Bryant (Virtua Fighter)

Sarah Bryant: Barefoot Blonde Bombshell.

She's hot and sexy, blonde and suffering from frequent memory loss. Yeah, the amnesiac blonde femme fatale may be a cliche in fighting games, but Virtua Fighter's Sarah Bryant has an excuse- she was THE original, kicking butt way back in the original VF. Experimented on by the mysterious and evil Judgement Six organization, Sarah is constantly struggling between confusion (and consequently putting herself at odds with her brother, Jacky) and a compulsion to fight. The more she fights in the VF Tournament, the more she remembers. And so, with both Jacky and her part-time bodyguard Vanessa Lewis on her tail, this hot babe shows off her fighting legs for all the world to enjoy.

Though she may be stricken with amnesia every now and then, Sarah definitely knows she's hot. You can see it in her sexy stances, her confident win poses and teasing personality. Foot fans have been dreaming of seeing her awesome legs out of her trademark boots for years, and now, FINALLY, she's showing off her legs, feet, soles and toes thanks to barefoot customization in the so-far arcade-only Virtua Fighter 5R.

And surely, barefoot fans cannot get enough of this sizzling vixen in action, long legs and perfect feet bare and simply dazzling. Sarah's wardrobe in VF5R consists of dresses which are little more than nighties, and some hot numbers that just show off her hot bod perfectly. Her kick-heavy style has her throwing her feet up at her opponents (lucky bastards) multiple times to batter them into submission. One move even has her waving her foot tantalizingly in front of her opponent's face... sexy! And surely, Sarah has the simple distinction of having the single most SEXY intro animation for foot fans- where she stamps her foot onto the camera and grinds her utterly kissable, delicious toes and soles with yummy gusto... awesome.

This dominant diva is without a doubt one of the hottest babes in gaming, and going barefoot in VF5R ups her hotness to white-hot levels. Surely, any foot fan would love to service Sarah with foot rubs or massages, just for the pleasure of touching those lethal, lovely feet. Me, I'd be happy to just let her do her hot stomp-and-grind intro on me over and over all day. Now, before we all lose ourselves in the image of Sarah's feet pressing softly into our faces, check out the videos below.

Here's a lengthy KO ryona compilation with the sexy Sarah shown in sexy knockouts and hot intros.

Here's some hot action with Sarah in hot pants fighting against another barefoot VF babe, Eileen.

Here's barefoot Sarah in action against the brutal newcomer, Jean Kujo.

More sizzling Sarah in action against the ladies' man, Brad Burns.

Barefoot Sarah takes on a non-barefoot doppelganger...

Sarah takes on her occasional bodyguard, Vanessa Lewis.

This new match is baiscally a squash, with barefoot Sarah jobbing off to Wolf... hot KOs though!

Sarah 'Stomp and Grind' Intro was made with barefoot fans in mind.


  1. Awesome!!!!!!! I absolutely love Sarah!!!! I had a crush on her since the first virtua fighter series and that was before she went barefoot. Best opening animation ever!!! Yeah I'd love to give her a foot massage and experience her stomp and grind intro all day too. ^_^

    Awesome post Sole Keeper!!!!

  2. Glad you liked it, KSC. ^_^ Yeah, we can all just have Sarah walk barefoot all over us all day. Hahaha! Damn, she's hot.

  3. Does anyone here know if you can buy barefoot customization for VF5R right off the bat or do you have to earn it? o_o I hope its buyable right off the bat like Aois, its annoying getting those orbs and searching for singular items D:<

  4. Aoi's barefoot custom had to be bought, so the other characters' customs will probably have to be paid for as well.

  5. thats fine with me as long as i can have it right away. im still mad about grinding all the female characters on VF5 conqueror titles, looking for item battles, just to be dissapointed at the end no barefoot customization )": oh well im still happy cus we have eileen's, pai's, and aoi's feet :)

  6. I only really fancy the pants off Sarah in VF3, that was the game that won me over and the first time I saw it back in 1997 I saw Sarah! I was blown away! Firstly I preferred her secondary but going through puberty I leaned towards her primary outfight, the one where you first ever got a glimpse of a portion of her boobs in any game and of course it was the only costume also where you got to see any of her feet, barefeet in heels really does it for me! Now we have this, I played in Japan but the game is a ripoff it plays badly and it does eat money too, you need to spend money also to edit the character?! Man.... If I had a machine local though I'd sure be working on it for Sarah! She's definitely up there for me! Yeah I'd be playing with her feet that's for sure if she existed and playing with her impossibly long legs! I'd be carrying her too as seeing girls carried is a thing of mine as well, any good vids or pics of Sarah being carried?