Monday, May 11, 2009

Pai Chan (Virtua Fighter)

Delicious barefoot Pai... best served hot.

Sega's Virtua Fighter series is surely one of the pillars of the fighting game genre, and this long-running franchise is home to a bevy of hot game babes. It was only recently though that the VF girls finally began showing off their perfect peds for gamers and foot fans to enjoy, with the latest (and sadly so far arcade-only) VIrtua Fighter 5R. But now that they can, it seems that matches with the hot babes throwing off their shoes and kicking butt barefoot are everywhere. Of all the hotties in VF, I have to say that my absolute favorite is without a doubt Hong Kong actress and Master of the Blue Sparrow Fist, Pai Chan. If Asuka Kazama is my absolute fave in Tekken, well... Pai Chan does it for me in Virtua Fighter... and seeing as how Pai has always been my avatar of choice (her lovely and lethal soles always headed tantalizingly into our faces), this post is long overdue.

What makes Pai so hot for me? Surely if you're looking for obvious sex appeal, you'd go for the blonde bombshell Sarah Bryant (don't worry, we'll get to her eventually). But Pai is just so much more alluring, so much more beautiful and wonderful to watch. Perhaps it's her delicate Asian grace and enchanting beauty in her slim, athletic body. Perhaps it's her movie star/princess-like quality. Her elegant, beautiful fighting style- given to so many lovely, panty-flashing kicks- certainly doesn't hurt. Of all the girls, Pai seems to be the one who aims her sexy feet and soles right into the camera for the most wonderful sole shots. Pai's beauty truly blooms in the arena, as her perfect techniques, dazzling speed and skilled feet bring down opponents far larger than herself.

Perhaps it's the simple reason that Pai just looks so wonderfully fresh and vibrant, from head to toe. Whatever the exact reason, I've been a fan of Pai since the first VF, and I've been dreaming of seeing her bare feet all these years. And now in VF5R, my expectations of how beautiful her feet are have been blown away. I find myself staring at her in every match, enraptured. I imagine her feet are things of amazing beauty- flawless shape, slender ankles and heels, long and graceful toes, smooth and firm soles. I find myself imagining how good they smell and feel in my hands. And I don't want to just give her a massage or a foot rub- I want this celestial maiden's toes in my mouth, to lick her soles from end to end. Truly, Pai's feet must be incredibly delicious. I admit it. I'm a Pai Addict.

We can only hope that Sega finds it eventually in their hearts to give us fans a perfect home conversion of VF5R, so we can have barefoot Pai- surely any foot fans' dream star- in the comfort of our homes, whenever we want. Till that day, we can only enjoy the vids posted online of our barefoot star in action. Check out these choice match vids and see the barefoot perfection that is Pai Chan.

Here's a special KO ryona compilation vid starring our one-and-only VF action starlet.

Here's a sexy, recent match from VF5R's new 'Version B', with some nice new animations to old moves. In particular, check out the nice, hot throw at 1:05. Of course, Pai's in her sexy new grass skirt (new to VF5R), which just gives us such nice, teasing views with every wonderful high kick.

Here's an exceptionally sexy match with Pai facing off against another hot barefoot VF babe, Aoi Umenokouji.

Pai's barefoot and blonde in this cool fight with luchadore El Blaze.

Till VF5R comes to consoles, I'll continue to watch and wait for my Pai to come home...


  1. I didn't know you also liked Pai. I also wonder if her feet are ticklish. :D

    *giggle* Hey, I unintentionally made a joke. XD

  2. cant wait for my eileen :>

  3. O_O Wow...Pai is hot!!!!!! I have to admit that I'm one of those blonde bombshell fans ^_^ but this post makes me want to reconsider my choice of favorites.

    Virtua Fighter totally rocks!!!

  4. Yes.

    As a serious VF player who's been using Pai (alongside Akira, Aoi, and recently Eileen) for years, I'm soooo looking forward to putting her in an elegant chinese dress and bare feet. Something magical about that combination for me, almost to the point of being a fetish of its own. :\

    Seriously, Pai is awesome and I officially love Sega AM2 for giving us such wonderful customization options. Whenever 5R finally hits consoles, it's on.

    I do hope we get to see profiles for the other VF girls eventually, as they're highly underrated- overshadowed by Tekken's women, I guess, though I've always liked VF a lot better in general.

    (Hey Sole- you know who reminds me of Pai? That girl Zhang Li from that Fighting Beauty Wulong video you used to have on your Youtube page. I've mentioned this in a previous comment, but I really want to see that video again, if only for her.)

  5. Hey, Delita! Yeah, Pai is awesome. I'd love to see her fighting in those Chinese dresses barefoot as well- she's just enchanting. I really think that VF5R will eventually hit consoles, but perhaps not before Tekken 6... so it may be a while. Certainly something to look forward to in the future.

    As for the other VF girls, I am fully intending to post about them all, so don't worry. ^_^ About that Zhang Li video, unfortunately it got lost after my last channel died. I'll find it and repost it on the Dailymotion channel if I can. Later then!

  6. you know I think virtua fighter 5R will come out to consoles around tekken 6s release only because I think they want to make it a competition between sales but VF5R is on Version B (I think version C is being developd) so it should be coming out soon. For Pai I think her new costume D is better instead of the chinese dress it shows more leg ;) Cant wait for your eileen update Sole she has such cute petite feet and her attitude is even cuter!

  7. I'll have Eileen up soon. My only gripe though with VF5R is that the guys always seem to show off more skin than the girls... makes me wonder what really turns the Sega devs on... yeesh...

  8. Hello guys.... GLad to know more Pai players here.... Have you played FS???