Saturday, May 9, 2009

Asuka Kazama (Tekken)

Asuka Kazama. Heroine of Destiny, Barefoot Babe Par Excellence.

In Tekken 6, a game with international supermodel assassins, kung fu geniuses and killer androids, it's quite amazing to see what appears to be an ordinary Japanese teenager, someone you could probably see walking around a street in Tokyo on any given day, mixing it up with all these fantastic femme fatales. But then, Asuka Kazama isn't really 'just' an ordinary girl. Of course, we all know that, as a member of the Kazama bloodline, she's got a great destiny in store for her. She's a holy maiden of great power, a guardian against evil forces that seek to wipe out all humanity. But of course, she's not aware of all that stuff... all she knows is that she's very good at kicking butt, and she loves doing it regularly.

Asuka is, of course, an example of a cool female archetype in games and anime- the Beautiful Martial Arts Tomboy. Like Hitomi (Dead or Alive) and Akane Tendo (Ranma 1/2), Asuka was born a girl in a man's role, being the only child and heir to a dojo with a long-standing history or tradition. Asuka fought all her life to live up to being her father's child, becoming the strongest fighter in the Kazama dojo. But her lust for combat extends beyond the school- even in her free time, Asuka is a bit of a vigilante, using her skills to 'solve other people's problems, usually by knockout'. And of course, in Tekken 6, she's out to solve the whole world's biggest problem, by knocking out her cousin and current CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu, Jin Kazama.

Asuka is, needless to say, obviously amazingly HOT. She's hot for her cool and sometimes comical personality. She's hot because of her tough attitude, seen in her tomboyish intro stances. She's hot because of her zeal for combat and her confidence in her powerful skills. She benefited the most in the graphical transition to Tekken 6. While she was already pretty in Tekken 5, in Tekken 6 she became so much more realistic and life-like, almost like a real person. Perhaps it's best that it is only now, in Tekken 6, where graphics can finally render Asuka's body to do justice to her beauty, that we can now enjoy her sexy bare legs and feet. Probably more than any other girl in Tekken, going barefoot just fits Asuka perfectly. Whether in her traditional martial arts gi and hakamas (and if you like her instep guards on or off), her school uniforms, her new Feudal Era costumes, casual wear or her sexy Matsuri vest and sarashi shorts. Whatever the look, it just gets hotter when Asuka goes shoeless, showing off her strong thighs, calves, ankles and feet off to the admiring world... and of course we fans can't get enough of this beautiful barefoot heroine kicking butt and looking awesome doing it.

I have to say I'm quite biased to Asuka- she's my main fighter in Tekken, and I'm certainly looking forward to playing with her and customizing her with the coolest and hottest outfits in Tekken 6 on consoles. I just love everything about her, from head to toe- her voice, her heavy Kansai accent, her sexy intros and win poses, her powerful and effective fighting style... I even like her cute KO screams. But really, any barefoot fan should love this adorable, fighting tomboy, for the simple reason that she has the most realistic-looking feet of all the girls in Tekken 6.
Perhaps venturing to offer her a foot massage or a rub may result in comical punches and screams of "Hentai! Hentai!" but perhaps after a hard fight... probably one where she ends lying out cold on the ground- even this spunky heroine may welcome a fan's pampering of her sexy soles and toes.

And with images of Asuka's lovely, unconscious bare feet snug in your hands as she naps before the next fight, check out these vids of our lovely Kazama babe in action!

Here's a video showing off all of Asuka's Win Animations, each of which demonstrates her cool confidence.

Here's Asuka in action in Bloodline Rebellion, in her sexy Matsuri vest and cloth shorts... an outfit which just is so much hotter when you leave her legs and feet bare.

Here's one of my fave BR match vids with Asuka fighting barefoot in the snow, which I find so hot. Also, check out the nice slow-mo KO replay at the end. Just don't mind the weird pink hair...

Here's Asuka in a sexy, barefoot Feudal Era-type outfit, in action against Anna Williams. I just love those miko hakamas!

Here's Asuka barefoot in her default P1 outfit, getting knocked out and laid unconscious by Zafina. I just LOVE Asuka barefoot in her hakamas- the pants give such nice focus on her sexy ankles, calves and feet.

Asuka shows she can be just as hard on herself as she is on other opponents...

Here's a lengthy KO ryona vid with Asuka barefoot in her sexy gi top and sarashi (cloth shorts) combo outfit.

Game over... but only for now!

I'll be dreaming of this barefoot beauty as we move closer to Fall 2009...


  1. God, she's hot. I can't wait for Tekken 6 either.

  2. Hey, amazing post of Asuka, know complety what i think about her, i dream with lick her sexy soles that look very fleshy and suck her toes, im sure that she can love it xDDD

    BTW...the Kansai accent is the accent that use in Osaka? i think that she is from that city.

    And in much animes, the girls from Osaka usually are bad-ass and lovelye kick butt.

    I hope can see you in the PS Network in November ^^

  3. I love Asuka a lot, she's really attractive and has a great energetic personality.

    I really enjoyed the picture and clips very much. Awesome post Sole Keeper.

  4. Thanks, guys. ^_^ I certainly didn't want to disappoint with this particular post. Or Asuka would kick my butt... heheh...

  5. Yeaaaah, I like her.

    Asuka's one of the main reasons I got back into Tekken (albeit relatively briefly) in 5, the other being Feng Wei (a chinese kung fu character in Tekken whose moves DON'T look like doo-doo? Thanks, Namco!). I fell in love with her even back when she was still trapped in those footguards with less-than-spectacular rendering on her toes.

    So now here comes Tekken 6, and while the other Tekken girls are finally baring their soles, Asuka still reigns supreme. The girl's just got the sexy in her. What else is there to say?

    By the way, the rendering now not only makes her athletic legs look like dynamite, but man, she has some seriously big feet. I'm all for it, personally, but damn. She'd give Makoto from Third Strike a run for her money in the "girls with huge-ass feet" category.

    Speaking of which, are you planning on featuring Makoto on here, Sole? I happen to adore the girl. I could direct you to some very swell fan-art of her if you're interested.

  6. I totally agree with all you've said, Delita. ^_^ Asuka's certainly got that special quality, Delita, and us fans have known that since she debuted. Tekken 6 proves that we were right. Though I thought that while her hands are certainly bigger than usual, I always found her feet perfectly-sized. Heheh... I'll get to Makoto eventually.

  7. Asuka_Is_So_Hot!May 23, 2010 at 10:42 AM

    Whoa if she were real I Would so be happy Her legs are sexy,Her face is Beautiful,Her Whole Body Is Hot Wow!!
    Shes the main reason i played tekken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cuz she is so HOT!
    I Even Had a childhood crush on her
    I kiss her pics.Cuz I am inlove with her(what if she was real?)I would want to marry her

  8. By the way i play tekken 5 where i mastered the Hottie!!!!!!!!!

  9. Asuka_Is_So_Hot!May 23, 2010 at 12:29 PM

    If she were real ill automatically be her husband!

  10. Asuka_Is_So_Hot!May 23, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    Stop talking about the feet of my girlfriend!

  11. Asuka_Is_So_Hot!May 23, 2010 at 1:58 PM

    NOW SHES MY WIFE!!!!!!!!

  12. No way man i lika her too shes supposed to be my girlfriend!

  13. Asuka_Is_So_Hot!May 25, 2010 at 1:57 PM

    No way man i like her the most!.....shes already married to me anyways


  15. when asuka says come and get me! i will come fast to her i love it when wang says wow youre hot or wow today must be my luck day to asuka!!!!

  16. ur a smart guy... u know exactly what asuka makes so horny! except for the hakima. tekken girls are so hot! especially christie. u can dress her in a very tiny bikini, just look at samba top and samba shorts. barefoot is always sexy!