Friday, May 8, 2009

Velvet Assassin

Okay, here are some videos of World War II femme fatale Violetta Summers in barefoot action. We all know that over the course of the game your heroine can enter Morphine Mode, which is a kind of Bullet Time effect that lets you take out Nazis easier, and also teasingly dresses up Violet in her sexy nightie and bare feet for a brief time. But if you want to see Violet in her barefoot get-up permanently, you're gonna have to slog through a majority of the missions first.

So to save us all a bit of work, here are several vids of our barefoot femme fatale in lots of stealthy Nazi-killing. I particularly love the sexy sound of Violet's bare soles pattering on the floor. If you're planning to buy and play the game, perhaps you may opt to skip this for now. Though the overall depressing atmosphere of the title is making me a bit reluctant, I'll most probably get the game eventually. Anyway, the pale and lovely Violet is indeed one hot barefoot game babe worth seeing in action. If the gameplay shown looks good to you, then perhaps this title is indeed worth looking more into.

Here's the start of the Hospital Stage, "Fade to Grey".

Vioiet's barefoot romp continues...

Exiting the hospital and into the final stage. But Violet will stay barefoot to the end of the game, which I won't post here. Play it, if you wish, or go watch the vids as you wish.


  1. i saw this on the costumeget blog

  2. Violetta looks hot. It seems like an exciting game to play through.

  3. To be honest, the reviews haven't been all that positive, but I got the game nonetheless. Don't know when I'll be able to play it though, and the barefoot levels are at the end of the game so... well. At least I have it. ^_^ Into the library then, I guess.