Monday, May 25, 2009

Kagura the Wind-user (Inu Yasha)

Inu Yasha's barefoot wind goddess steps into the spotlight.

Now this post is loooooong overdue, since surely, Kagura, the kimono-clad wind-user from Inu Yasha, is my absolute favorite barefoot anime babe. What's not to love? She's certainly a vision made perfectly for foot fans, with an elegant design that has her clothed almost totally in intricate, lavish kimonos, leaving only her delicious feet bare. Heck, the first you see of her are her hot, beautiful bare feet, walking tantalizingly towards the camera with sexy, soft-footed steps. And really, pretty much every time Kagura appears you're almost certain of sexy foot shots since the animators clearly love drawing Kagura's feet in wonderful closeups... I'd go as far as saying they're probably the most-seen, most photogenic feet in anime!

But her appeal extends far beyond simple her simple physical beauty- her personality is awesome; a strong, forceful and independent-minded woman. She's got awesome powers and she kicks butt, and her personal story is very engaging to follow. Sadly, she meets her end in the manga (a fate she will probably share in the anime if it is ever continued), but it was a gloriously poignant death scene, which surely gave the true wild spirit within a chance to be free.

Even though she goes everywhere barefoot, you can imagine that Kagura's feet are surely as flawless, soft, smooth and kissable as her stunning face. Foot fans will surely love this gorgeous barefoot vixen to pieces, and I myself will personally pleasure Kagura with long foot massages and warm kisses on each and every tasty toe and all over both her beautiful soles. What I'd give to be that damn giant feather she rests her feet on everytime she flies!

Anyway, with images of this Kagura dangling her feet teasingly before your face, enjoy this lengthy tribute video featuring pretty much all of Kagura's best foot scenes in the Inu Yasha anime.

Kagura, the barefoot goddess of winds, will always be in my dreams...


  1. OMG! Finally! Way overdue is right! :P

    Kagura is not only my favorite Inuyasha character and barefoot babe in all of animation, she's my favorite animated character of all time.

    When she first arrived, Kagura was a vision of excellence that immediately captured my attention. Her feet are beautiful, her Geisha like appearance is marvelous(gotta love the kimonos!!!), and her voice is so hot(no matter how voices her).

    Her personality matches her physical beauty, hands down. As you've mentioned, she's a strong, forceful and independent-minded woman. Setting her sights on being free, doing whatever possible. Even if it means betraying that loser Naraku. When she sees something she wants, she goes for it. Definitely my kind of woman. From there, I was hooked. There was no coming from it either, since Kagura is(at least to me) PERFECT. And I'm a firm believer of "there's no such thing as perfect". Thank you Wind Goddess. <3

    Kagura's feet are delicious of course! Many times, she makes an entrance, her feet(soles even!) are the first thing you see. Her soles shots are the best, her feet are so clean and likable. I like to have a image slide show of Kagura and her feet for my own viewing pleasure. Not to mention, using slow motion on her feet introductions. *^_^* It's Eden.

    Thank you for this epic blog entry. Kagura is the finest example, of premium, elegant foot goddess beauty. The greatest foot babe ever, and the one I feel the most close to.

    Kagura will always be my #1, in all areas. But since we're on he top of feet, hers are the most beautiful. Not the mention, the most tasty. :P I would rub, kiss, smell, lick...practically anything that will give her pleasure. After a long career trying to bounce from Naraku, she earned it. ^_^

  2. Wow awesome scenes...very hot post Sole Keeper!!

  3. Glad you liked the post, KSC, 'noir. Kagura is really my favorite anime barefoot babe, and it took this long for me to post about her because I really wanted to do her justice. Man, my perfect, no.1 barefoot goddess, always. ^_^

  4. I don't blame you man. ^_^ Kagura has a loyal and well deserved fan following. I'll always support and love her forever. ^_^

    Thanks again for this great post! Only the finest for the barefoot Wind goddesss. :)