Monday, May 25, 2009

Ulala (Space Channel 9)

Ulala... dance-stepping, ray-blasting heroine... now barefoot babe?

From the cult-favorite Space Channel 5 comes the long-legged Ulala space news reporter to show off her sexy feet for her many fans. Of course, it's actually Virtua Fighter 5R's normally-blonde Sarah Bryant sporting some of the latest customizations in Version B of the arcade fighter- pretty much a complete Ulala outfit, down to her jet pack and ray guns. She even comes complete with an awesome win animation that you just gotta see. But thankfully though for us barefoot fans, the player left out Ulala's trademark go-go boots. Awesome!

All this, plus it's a pretty sexy match in any case. Yet another tantalizing tease for us to hope for an eventual VF5R console port. Let's all keep hoping, people! For now though... enjoy the awesome barefoot match as Ulala Sarah kicks butt.

From battling aliens to cocky older brothers...


  1. whoa she shoots ray guns and is barefoot.

    instant cool.

  2. Sarah's Ulala outfit is awesome- they should have more tribute outfits like that. ^_^ I hope this player posts more vids with barefoot Ulala.

  3. Wow you managed to fulfill two of my fantasies at once. Can't get enough of Sarah and seeing her cosplay as the Space Channel 9 hottie (and barefoot at that) is really cool. Awesome post Solekeeper!!