Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barefoot Giantess Attack! (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC)

Meet Bhaala, Barefoot, Evil, Goth Giantess and Sorceress. They don't get any hotter than that.

And here's some more barefoot awesomeness from Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on PC! No ordinary babe's on offer here, but one HUMONGOUS babe. She's Bhaala, a gorgeous Storm Giant Queen and one furious lady. My Dovakiin was walking along the wilderness and happened upon this beShemoth as a random encounter. At once they did battle, but to our hero's horror, all his most powerful Shouts could do is briefly render Bhaala unconscious. After a while she would awaken and renew her attack, tracking down the Dovakiin wherever he ran! How will our hero knock out this relentless foe before he ends up pasted to the bottom of her deadly (but lovely) soles?
Bhaala is one HOT babe- not only is she a Villainess, she's a Barefoot Giant Villainess. Scratch that, she's a Barefoot Giant Goth Villainess... man, how hot is that? Anyway, no matter how hot and kissable her giant feet are, this Titanic Diva is going down. Just how that happens is a nice surprise...

And you thought the girls' feet in Super Streetfighter IV were big...

Anyway yeah- this is of course just a little show I fixed up with the game, the amazing FemFeet mod (which you can see even blown up 10 times is still making for the most kissable, luscious game feet ever I think) and some console commands. Bhaala herself is a simple Bandit mage, blown up to gigantic size by using the SetScale console command. The 'Knockouts' are done by inputting 'Kill' as a console command as well (and it has varied effects, but I only use the sexy crumple ones). Of course, it's pretty obvious that thanks to these little tricks we can have the most intimate, closeup looks at some amazing looking female feet. The detail is pretty wonderful, and this with my PC only at Medium settings. In High or Ultra I imagine the feet would look pretty realistic. Man.

Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting soles.

I think it's pretty obvious that Skyrim PC, with the FemFeet mod is a Footlover's dream game. It certainly is damn fun just by itself, but with the many mods making it all the more sexy and playable, this is one game I may be playing and enjoying for a long, long time.

My Dovakiin's Encounter with the Sexy Soles of Bhaala the Storm Giantess!

For now though, enjoy the Barefoot GTS Villainess action in the vid, and some screencaps for some great views of beautiful feet and soles so big, you can cuddle up in them. Heheh... Enjoy! Count on more Barefoot Babes from Skyrim to come!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Skyrim's Perfect Soles! (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, PC)

Yes, those are supposed to be... feet.

Hey there, Foot-fans! I know I've been a bit remiss lately in updating, but THIS is an update to remember- in fact, I may say that this is the greatest Virtual Soles discovery/acquisition ever since the Barefoot Mods of Super Streetfighter IV PC. Yep, it's THAT BIG. No wonder though that this is of course a game from the PC- none other than the mammoth, uber-RPG The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim!

Now, as a testament to the truly fun and enjoyable quality of the game, I kept playing it (and playing it, and playing it) even though to be honest, while pretty much every aspect of the game was improved since the last game in the series, the Bethesda Devs messed up one one teensy-weensy little aspect... THE FOKKIN' FEET. Yes, of all things, the bare feet and soles of humanoids in the game- whether they be hulking Orcs, tough Nords or (somewhat alien-looking) mystical Elves, all shared the same HIDEOUS, blurred, non-detailed, smudgy, melted-looking stumps at the ends of their legs instead of actual feet. No toes at all, just what appeared to be cat scratches that I guess were supposed to stand for toes. Like dirty socks (I guess great for sock fans).
This is actually a big stumble backwards since in Elder Scrolls V Oblivion, a game that came out- oh, five or so years ago.. (I think) actually had feet with toes! I guess none of the devs is a foot fan, or whoever handled the feet in Oblivion resigned or left the company since then. Geh.

So I resigned myself to just playing the game straight, and if thoughts of the feet came to mind I had to fill in the smudgy mess with my imagination. Sad, really. Again, it's testament to the game's awesomeness that I kept playing it, ugly feet and all. But LO! Recently Bethesda released their awesome Creation Kit, which allows gamers and fans to make and share their own mods and improvements for Skyrim. Since release (and even before), hundreds upon hundreds have been made or are being made- with everything from actual new quests, to new characters, redone skins and costumes, nude mods, new spells, more nude mods and, um, nude mods. Well, fortunately for us, at least one of those modders- a guy named Phygit, took it upon himself to create his awesome, awesome FemFeet mod.

Obviously, this is a mod that replaces the ugly mess of what is supposed to be feet in the Vanilla Skyrim game with something more foot-like (according to the mod description). But lo, this is no simple texturing. It's an actual mesh as well as textures which gives us not just painted-on art for feet- the mod gives us an actual set of quite lovely, female feet complete with individual toes, toenails and fleshy soles! I must say, with the FemFeet mod, Skyrim now has THE best-looking in-game feet I've seen in a game (in my humble opinion). There is actually an option as well for painted toenails (which I'm sure some of you will enjoy) however I do not want to apply this since activating it makes ALL females have the same color, and that's just weird. What is left though is still very lovely, feminine feet, so soft-looking and alluring- I'm sure any foot fan will be pleased to see them. Now, without any further ado, the proof is in the pudding, so take a look at some sample screens of the FemFeet mod below!

Videogame soles so lifelike you can almost imagine how they may smell...

Even from above, the detail is amazing. Check out the oh, so-slight vein. Love went into making this mod.

Man, have to say- not since Tekken 6 have I seen such wonderful game feet. Truly soles and toes to die for (or kill for, in the game... heheh). So far I am using this mod- Caliente's CBBE with Female Feet textures that incorporates FemFeet with a sexy body mod. Aside from that, I just installed a mod that improves and beautifies the faces of the game's ladies. It looks like Skyrim now will be a much different, sexier, hotter and awesome game that it was when it launched last year... and I look forward to hunting for more sexy soles in the wild fantasy realm to share with you all. If you have a PC or can afford one, THIS is truly a MUST-HAVE game for the Foot Fan who wants the BEST. All you need is your laptop and the game- mods are free to download and installing them is pretty easy (as easy as pushing a button, for the most part), even easier than with the SSFIV PC mods, thanks to the Creation Kit support. Man, I wish I could make my own mods. Maybe someday... but for now I'll be content just to use them and enjoy the game.

Anyway, that's NOT all! Stay tuned very soon for more from Skyrim and it's new and improved Female Feet... including an awesome, BIG Update that I'm sure will bowl you guys over. For now, enjoy the Fantasy Feet of Skyrim, and let them fulfill your wildest sole dreams!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Enter Chun-Ryu! (Super Streetfighter IV AE PC)

Yep, that's Chun-Gi, er, Chun-Li!

We're back with another awesome mod for the uber-sexy PC version of Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition, this time it's for the ever-beautiful Beat 'Em Up Icon, Chun-Li. Master Modder Sloth86 brings us yet another perfectly-crafted custom skin, portraying Chun-Li as Streetfighter's wandering Shotokan fighter, Ryu, in a tattered Karate Gi and barefoot! Yeah, a shapeless martial arts uniform covers up most of Chun, particularly her long and formidable legs, but it of course leaves bare our favorite parts. Needless to say, the humble gi outfit has its fans (me among them) and unique appeal. Seeing the lovely Kung-Fu Mistress in it is a truly unique treat and something we'd never thought possible years ago. Thanks BE to SSFIV AE on PC! Thanks BE to awesome modders and their masterpieces!

Sakura was initially puzzled at how Ryu-san suddenly grew breasts.

Ibuki encounters a new wandering warrior!

The shock of seeing Chun-Li in a karate gi was enough to render Makoto totally unconscious.

Cammy's confused but not confounded at her old friend/rival's new look.

One can imagine that travelling hobo/fighter Ryu would be kinda... stinky and sweaty... but surely the lovely Chun-Li, despite being dressed in a similar way, would smell divine, from her ever-cute and endearing hair buns to her big and sexy (and noticeably more soft-looking and feminine) feet. It's really an awesome mod and I think this look just suits Chun-Li perfectly for some reason.
Unlike most mods, this one only comes with two variants for Chun-Ryu; one with her 'bun' hair, and one with boyish-cut hair like Ryu's (all ten colors are just plain white otherwise). But then, that's just a little quibble; this is definitely one keeper of a custom skin. So if you got the game, this is one mod to get. Otherwise, just check out the action as Chun-Ryu takes on several challengers (all of whom are somewhat less covered-up) in some sexy, sexy matches. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ibuki in Streetfighter X Tekken

Darn, Rolento lucked out on this one.

I have to admit, from the get-go, I was kinda disappointed in Streetfighter X Tekken. While the fighting game fan in me is amused at the novelty of seeing two awesome fighting franchises collide, the footfan in me is disappointed in the relative lack of barefoot babes. Yeah, Asuka Kazama is in the house but heck, we're not sure if her 'barefoot' instep guards/hakama uniform will make it into the game. The customization feature in SF X Tekken only supports some weird-looking alternate outfits (not sure yet if any of these are barefoot costumes for the babes) and color editing. LAME!

But thankfully it's not all bad- at the very least we have a couple of hot barefoot babes to ogle and enjoy in the game, one of them being Capcom's Ninja Princess, Ibuki! This footie beauty has always been a favorite of mine, and really, I have to say she's looking adorable in this game. The animators seem to really know her fans LOVE her big, pretty feet, and there seems to be a wealth of views of those ninja toes and soles. Just check out the Intro above for Ibuki's team with Rolento- it's so cute and cool to see Ibuki perched on Rolento's staff with her feet and tippy-toes. I know a lot of you out there are quite jealous of that staff... heheh.

This new screenshot from the PC version shows we can count on nice sole shots from Ibuki.

Aside from any cutscenes with Ibuki in the game, we can be sure that there will be nice views of Ibuki as she battles her way through the game- the screenshot above shows her being manhandled by Yoshimitsu's Super Art, which results in a lovely view of her smooth, fleshy soles. Yummy! Incidentally, that screenshot above is from the PC Version, which conceivably may be open to modding- so perhaps we may see barefoot mods for Streetfighter X Tekken in the future? Cross your fingers that this may come true!

Well, mods or not, I'm sure I'll be happy with SFxT if only for Ibuki. But then, she's not the only one- there's another babe of course who's ready to grind her soles into our faces in this game... but that's for another post. Heheh. For now, let Ibuki's pretty ninja soles sneak into your dreams. The game is out on PS3 and Xbox360 early next month!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Barefoot Babes and Bullets! (Jagged Alliance: Back in Action)

Never knew mercenaries could be this foxy!

Here's a nice surprise... barefoot babes can pop up everywhere, it seems- even in turn-based tactical strategy games. The vid above (from gaming site Giant Bomb) is from the new Jagged Alliance: Back in Action for PC. As mentioned, it's a turn-based battle title, with guns and mercs comprising the bulk of the action. The goal is to overthrow an evil dictator on some fictional island by putting together your own motley crew of mercs and hardware. Thankfully among the dozens of seedy blokes and dudes there are quite a few ladies- and among them a babe named Fox who actually prefers going barefoot (well, actually nude if her dossier is to be believed!). The character customization allows you to outfit every character from head to toe, so conceivably you can have a barefoot babe army if you want. NICE!

Of course, even if the character models are nicely-detailed, this game is mostly seen from far away, and it's a fairly deep and deliberately-paced strategy game- not exactly a game to buy for ogling barefoot babes, but if you're a strategy action fan then this is a nice title to check out with a nice sexy bonus. Heheh. I just may pick it up. For now, check out the vid if the action (and foxy Fox) are to your liking. Later then!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Soul Calibur V CAS-play: Kaede Smith (Killer7)

'Barefoot' never looked this good.

As I've posted earlier, I'm really getting into Soul Calibur V, and one of the awesome features is the much-improved Character Creation mode. Aside from just looking a bit better than before, the mode has more items, the ability to attack stickers/tattoos/patterns on your creations and even adjust stuff like body builds. Well, bottom-line is that it lets us recreate Barefoot Babes from all over the place, whether it be from other games, anime, comics or even movies. For now though, our new CAS creation is a classic barefoot hottie from the Playstation 2 era- specifically from the tripped-out Shooter Killer 7 by Suda 51. Yep, Kaede Smith is back.

Reminisce about 'Barefoot' with this Killer 7 Trailer.

In case you don't know her (and if you're a barefoot fan, you MUST), Kaede is one of the titular Killer 7- a band of elite assassins who are actually the fragmented psyches of one person. Kaede is the only female among them, and of course our favorite since she runs around gunning vicious enemies while only dressed in a skimpy, white, blood-spattered sundress and her bare feet- hence her codename, 'Barefoot'.
Why her lovable choice of attire? Well, Kaede was borne from the memories/image of someone her creator killed himself (it's a crazy long story), and that was how she was dressed when she was killed- barefoot and bullet-riddled. Well, she was reborn and resurected with six other personas, to pad around on her fleshy soles, battling evil living bombs known as Heaven Smiles. Killer 7 was one wild ride, so if you haven't already experienced it, find a PS2, a copy of the game and go wild.

I think my CAS is fairly close- the white mini-dress is perfect, although it was a bit of a trick to make the bloodstains (a mix of Kanji stickers and some roundish shapes). Pretty simple but always a pleaser.

Classic barefoot babe from the PS2 era returns via Soul Calibur V's Character Creation!

I'll post more barefoot CAS creations as I make 'em. For now, enjoy the vid! Ah, Kaede. When oh when will Suda revisit your world and give you your own solo adventure...?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Soul Calibur V adds more Hotness via DLC (PS3)

Ivy gets even hotter with the halter-top bikini included in the DLC Pack.

Soul Calibur V is a sexy, sexy game with some hot barefoot-able babes just ready to fight for your pleasure. Well, it can get even hotter if you spend a couple of dollars for the Customization Pack 1 DLC. Yeah, it's kinda annoying that the producers left out something as simple as your basic bikini out of the underwear options included and unlocked in the game disc (just one ploy to get more money), but hell... what can you do? Go without seeing the babes wearing this nice, sheer number? Hey, seeing Ivy and the rest of the babes wear the skimpy swimsuits included in the pack is worth more than the measly three dollars or so they charge. Priceless, actually!
Well, what do you get? Three new pieces of underwear- a Bikini with Sarong which is pretty meh (makes their butts look big), a Halter-top Bikini (the Best of the lot... HOT and cheeky from behind...) and finally, a metal 'Amazon' Bikini (kinda neat for a change). I am missing that sexy Red Sonja-esque Beong-San lingerie from SCIV, but perhaps it's still in the game, but I haven't unlocked it yet. Anyway, the bikinis start off with plain monochrome color but you can of course change that up or even add different patterns in SCV's Creation mode. Pretty sweet!

Ivy and the other SCV babes show off what the DLC Pack has in store for you!

So check out the vid above, showing off the goods, as it were- not just Ivy but several of the other SCV babes showing off their bikini battle bods. Man, who'd ever thought that SC would make Dead or Alive look positively frumpy now? Feet and fan service, plus fighting excellence- perfection! More to come soon, people. Enjoy the vid!

Pyrrah shows off a bit more skin with this little gold-plated number.

The Soles Still Burn HAWT in Soul Calibur V! (PS3)

Seventeen years after SCIV… Ivy’s still hot as hell.

Aaaand… I’m back! Well, actually I never left. Just been playing games a LOT. Sadly, that basically curtailed a lot of my posting time. Hey, have to spend time with the babes after all. Anyway, I know that last month was a bit sparse in terms of posts, I’ll try to make up for that this month. And believe me, I have a LOT to post on this month of hearts. For starters, we’re starting strong with the recent release of the latest sequel in the renowned Soul Calibur series… Soul Calibur V!

Of course, anyone who regularly reads this blog would know that Soul Calibur IV is one of my all-time favorite, must-have barefoot babe games. This is mainly due to the game’s Character Creation feature, which allows us to clothe or de-clothe the game’s characters as we wish- and of course, the footwear’s the first to come off! This feeture is even more improved in SCV, even if all that's really important is that ability to take off that one article of clothing for us.

Well, Soul Calibur V has arrived and, well, it’s a stunner and a definite improvement for me. Certainly there are similarities in looks with SCIV- they ARE both on the same console anyway, and the graphical upgrade isn’t a leap. It is, however, significant. The game overall still has the general look but is just… better. Everything is a notch more detailed, the lighting more realistic, everything more solid- and of course, the babes softer-looking and smooth, and their soles and toes nicely improved from the slightly rougher, edgy extremities in SCIV. Suffice to say, I look and I like what I see in SCV.

Anyways, there have been many complaints lodged against the game by some gamers due to various omissions in the roster and some new features- but I am loving the game a lot not just for the babes but also simply for the gameplay. This is one sexy, sexy game to play AND watch.

Enough of the gushing, I know- onto the content! As you should have noticed with the vids peppering this post, the first babe I found myself using in SCV is none other than the timeless, ever-ravishing dominatrix Isabella ‘Ivy’ Valentine. I’ve always loved her style and weapon choice, but have usually been repelled by the relative complexity of her moves and control. However, SCV has greatly simplified her use, so now it’s a lot easier to pull off her impressive and dominating range of attacks with both whip-blade and straight sword.

Anyway, how CAN you not love Ivy? She's been around almost the entire series and just gets hotter every time. She's awesome, a courageous beauty as strong in will as she is in body- certainly required for all the grief she's gotten with her Evil Old Man and all. She's literally gone through hell, but has come out a better person for it- even facing death in the eye in doing the right thing. Truly a goddess worth worshipping. I just want to pleasure and pamper this beautiful babe all day, kissing her alabaster soles and toes and comforting her after her long days of fighting. And if she wants, she can stomp those lovely feet on my face anytime!

So check out these several match vids of Ivy (barefoot and dressed in just a sexy lingerie number called the Hunter’s Suit) laying waste to various opponents with her long legs, unique sword and dominating soles. Man, she’s awesome.

We'll definitely have more of Soul Calibur V- my new Must Have Barefoot Babe Game, more Ivy, more of the other SCV babes and just MORE very soon, not just this month but from here on in. Later then!